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If HG continued past mid-pregnancy, did you experience complications during delivery related to your poor health such as a strained ligaments/joints, pelvic floor damage, prolonged or weak pushing, fainting, low blood pressure, low pain tolerance, forceps/assisted delivery, broken bones, nerve damage, low amniotic fluid, fetal problems due to difficult delivery, etc.?


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Allergy Treatments

Research suggests that HG symptoms can be managed with allergy management procedures.

Offsite Research:

Treatment of common gynecologic-endocrinologic symptoms by allergy management procedures.
Mabray CR, Burditt ML, Martin TL, Jaynes CR, Hayes JR.
Obstetrics & Gynecology 1982 May;59(5):560-4.

The technique of managing allergies by optimum-dose (provocative neutralization) testing and treatment using aqueous progesterone has been studied in 132 women having progesterone-related symptoms due to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, or exogenous hormone administration. When extremely small doses of progesterone (0.0016 mg or below, up to maximum of 2.5 mg) were administered following determination of specific dose requirement by skin testing, startlingly rapid and effective clearing of symptoms was observed. With these individualized doses, symptoms cleared completely or almost completely within 30 minutes in the majority of patients. A single-blind technique was employed to rule out placebo effect. Some common problems found to respond well to the procedure were nausea and vomiting during pregnancy (100%), premenstrual syndrome (96%), and dysmenorrhea (84%).

Updated on: Sep. 15, 2022

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