the "four food groups of HG"

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the "four food groups of HG"

Postby christineb » Feb 07, 2006 11:32 pm

Here is what I have come to refer to as the four food group "types" of HGers:





There are of course some overlaps, such as sweet and crispy (fruit cravers - I know you're all out there), and bland and dough-y. These are the groups I've honed-in on in three seperate HG pregnancies, two of them very severe, one "live-able", and also through talking with other women with either severe morning sickness or "official" HG. Then, of course, there are some of us poor HGers who do find ourselves in pregnancies where absolutely nothing is tolerated or craved, and we can only pray for the torment to end. You are in my prayers, severe HGers... IV fluids and anti-emetic treatment are the recipe of choice in those situations, and ice chips to merely keep the mouth from totally drying out... I am sorry there is no group for those of us who've been thorugh such's the "trying to survive, quite literally group". God bless and care for any of you who are in that boat, were in that boat, or are finally coming out of it. I didn't want you ladies to be left out of the picture...
For the rest of you HGers, below I have listed foods - little groups of them - that I have heard repeatedly, which fit into these 4 categories. Some women find that "figuring out" which little category/group they fall into helps them rule out and rule in possibilities... Good luck to all of you suffering with this dilemma of getting nutrients into your bodies... You're all in my prayers.
PS - I have to mention the "apple group" as well. A totally separate category - all in its own - I have spoken with QUITE A FEW women, outside of even this forum, who have had the "apple craving" thing. My older sister, a 2x HGer had the "apple cravings" as well.... I'd be vey interested to find out what it is with those apples that makes some HGers crave them so badly. Interesting research...
Anyway, here goes:

(This was me during my milder HG pregnancy - I wanted potatos with some sort of salt, crispy and fried, at every chance, once I hit that 6th month!)
*potato chips
*crackers - usually like Cheez-its, etc...something with a flavor of cheese or some extra salt-type flavor, etc... (yes, there are actually cracker HGers out there, believe it or not! I swear to you all!) Sometimes even with PB on them, or the pre-packaged type. Seems the more chemicals and preservatives (go figure?), the better!
*really well-done, or oven-baked french fries - extra crunchy type with not a lot of grease on them
*baked potatoes with lots of salt
*mashed potatoes with lots of salt
*tortilla chips
*chex mix
*salted peanuts/nuts
*chinese noodles (the dry tube-like La Choy types, and the flat fried and dried type as well)
*celery sticks
*hard-boiled eggs with salt
*egg salad, minus onions!!
*brothy, salty soups
*mineral water
*ice chips
*club soda
*flavored seltzers - lime and lemon, plain seltzer
BE SURE you are watching your blood pressure! Salt intake can bring on high blood pressure, something none of us wants! Be sure your cravings are based on your body's needing the salt to naturally raise LOW blood pressure to where it should be, not a craving that's going to cause a high blood pressure situation, or worsen one! I had to cover this! thanks!

(this was me @ month 6 in my first wicked-bad HG pregnancy)
*cake,minus the icing
*PB & J sandwiches on fluffy white bread
*hard candies, jolly ranchers, lollies, etc...
*fruit, fruit and more fruit!
*sweet veggies - carrot sticks, etc...
*fruited yogurt
*yogurt smoothies
*graham crackers
*orange juice
*french toast
*plain doughnuts
*cinnamon buns - sweet cinnamon flavored things of any type
*puddings (especially rice pudding)
*raisins and dried fruit
*lightly buttered egg noodles
*lo mein noodles, other ginger-imbibed Chinese food that is starchy
*white sticky rice
*sweetened brewed iced/hot tea
*club soda with cherries
*mineral water
*flavored seltzers - sweet flavors
*some ice cream floats/sodas
*rootbeer/cherry coke/dr. pepper/etc...
*coca cola
*chocolate, strawberry or flavored vanilla milk
*Boost, Carnation Instant Breakfasts, Ovaltine,etc...

*ginger-imbibed Asian anything (Chinese food - lo mein, etc...)
*lemons and limes - flavors of lemons and limes
*hard candies such as sour apple, lemon, sour grape, etc...
*sometimes fast foods such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, sausage sandwiches - with pickles careful with these cravings though...
*hot peppers and other spicy hot foods
*mild peppers as well
*tortilla chips
*pickles out of the jar - yep! (Probably where that stupid old stereotype came from, actually)
*vinegar on chips/fries/etc...
*grapefruit juice
*cranberry juice
*mineral water
*club soda with fresh lemon/lime
*flavored seltzers - lemon and lime
*lemonade - very tart home-made type
*brewed iced/hot tea with LOTS of fresh lemon

*pancakes - no syrup, little butter
*toast - just have someone make the stuff outside! LOL!
*crackers (yep - but this time the sweet type like wheat thins, wheatables, etc... NOT saltines, people!)
*soft pretzels
*plain baked potatotes, little butter
*mushy fries from the oven - little grease, no salt
*mashed potatoes
*plain breads
*vanilla wafer cookies
*bland non-buttery popcorn
*plain lightly buttered egg noodles
*white, sticky rice
*some fruits - bananas, pears, peaches, melons
*ice chips
*flavored or plain seltzers
*mineral water
*club soda
*some fruit juices/nectar consistencies

I hope my little "Four food groups" helps some of you. Print it out and keep it handy - for ideas of what MIGHT work with you. Finding your "niche", if and when, you can is so important in this battle. If you find only ONE source of fluid that works for a little while, it can make the "turning point" come sooner rather than later. (The "turning point" being that miraculous moment you can hold down more than sips and tiny bites, and actually feel better after you're done, rather than worse. In two of my HG pregnancies, those moments DID eventually come.)

Take care, everyone!
-Christine b
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Postby Gracie » Feb 08, 2006 9:55 am

Hi Christine...

Great list, hopefully some of the ladies newer to HG will find it helpful. I still find at 24 wks that I have a food-group craving-of-the-day... one day is salty, another bland, another sweet, another sour...

I really hear you with the PB&J on fluffy white bread.... NO CRUSTS (they seem to sit like a rock in your stomach. With that almost all the bases are covered, salty, sweet, bland!

I also found that combining sometimes helps confuse my taste buds, brain and stomach into a more balanced proportion:

cocktail of:

50ml grapefruit juice (or pineapple for sweeter)
50ml cranberry juice (or raspberry for sweeter)
100ml real orange juice
100ml lemon or lime seltzer/perrier/pellegrino

Served REALLY cold over ice-chips.

You can play with the flavors and proportions to suit your tastes and tolerances...

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Postby caleighbelle47 » Feb 08, 2006 2:11 pm

That's a pretty good list. I always had one food that worked really good for a week or two and it was all I ate during that time, then suddenly I hated it and moved on to something else.
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Postby tgger007 » Mar 19, 2006 2:27 pm


Thank you so much for this list. It totally helps. I also see the path I am following. I was in the salty group.. now I'm in the sweet group and bland group. Wild how that is!

Thank you again!

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Postby Terri » Mar 21, 2006 3:32 am

What a great list!

I was in the *apple* group! For three or four weeks, just after the worst of the HG, I could eat an apple and nothing else. This was even before I could drink water again. Then I threw up one day just after eating an apple. And that was that.
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Postby inkykiwi » Mar 21, 2006 5:38 am

That is great, we are currently ttc, so preparation is vital this time around. Last time we didn't know what we were dealing with till I read my hospital notes after being discharged, and saw I had soemthing caller HG. Funny how they don't tell the patients anything.
This time around we are going to fight hard.

Last time I remember I had a whole week or two of just eating potatoes in any form, i liked mashed, and from the chippie (chunky fries). SOmetimes adding grated cheese to a huge pile of mashed too. loved mashed.

Also had a craving for salted mixed nuts and pure orange juice, the stuff with the bits in, and lost it all about 30 mins later. Still it was nice to crave something.

I found this stuff in NZ that was very drinkable, it was carbonated water with a slight fruit flavour, it was so hard to find at the supermarkets but the womens hospital I was admitted to had it and gave it to the HGers. Drinking through a straw helped too.

thanks for that list I have saved it into a file for my hubby to make reference to when I'm not well enough to talk about food. Which will be soon hopefully! :?
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Postby Susannah » Mar 19, 2007 10:01 am

this really helped me come up with new food ideas while HGing
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Postby catsandfrogs » Mar 25, 2007 9:21 pm

This list was my saviour in 1st trimester! Thank you so much...


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Postby MichellevsHG » Mar 30, 2007 6:40 pm

Teacher at school told me to try apples. I did and they're tolerable - not my favorite snack - well actually any food isn't my favorite. She told me that apples have pectin in them and its been known to settle stomach acid.

Who'da thunk it? :)
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