Thank You Dr. Phil

The HER foundation contributed letters from our forums members for a show that featured Hyperemesis as a topic. The show aired in April of 2007.

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Thank You Dr. Phil

Postby maggiep » Mar 19, 2007 10:15 pm

I like many women here have also written to several shows asking them to do a show on HG.
As a 2 time survivor of HG I feel very passionate about raising awareness and providing support for others suffering from this hellish illness.
I first experienced the joy that is HG when I was pregnant in 2003 with my first son. After several weeks of nausea and vomiting I was diagnosed with HG. I spent 4-6 weeks off of work and suffered from depression. I lost 25lbs. I kept wondering what was wrong with me, why had no one heard of HG..and was I alone?
Then I found and my life changed. I could not believe all the other women here fighting & suffering from HG. There is no way I can ever thank Kimber and the others enough for creating this foundation.
The second time I got pregnant in 2006 my HG was even more severe. Vomiting daily, keeping nothing down, liquid or solid and losing over 30 lbs before I was 5 months pregnant. I was afraid for my life and for the life of my unborn child. Even though I suffered in the worst way during this pregnancy, never once did I wish to end my pregnancy. I knew it was not my fault nor my baby's fault that I had HG. This time I spent 3 months off of work and the remaining months on shift restrictions working only 4 hours a day 4 days a week.
I now have 2 beautiful boys and I don't regret what I went through for them. I only wish I could have more children, I always wanted a daughter. I know that I cannot have more children, I cannot risk my life again, and that is something that is very hard to deal with.

Thank You Dr. Phil, Kimber and the other founders of HELPHER for giving us a voice!

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