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Letter to DPhill show and a not so short version of my story

PostPosted: Apr 14, 2007 9:53 pm
by mari
This is the email I sent on the Dr Phill website. I am a proud momma of 2 HG kids, or my zofran babies, I like to refer to them.

This is not a question but a thank you for includin Hyperemesis Grav in your past thursday show. I am a 32 year old woman. I was active and really excited about having children. I got pregnant at 29 with my first child. I dreamed about enjoying my pregnancy, glowing like pregnant women are normally described. I did not glow. At 6 weeks it started, I started getting sick and sick and more sick. I was given medications, them more meds and then more meds. I call my babies Zofran babies. I had IVs, I stayed at the hospital for a week, I had a pump on my legs etc.... I was on disability for 9 weeks. I remember and will never forget sitting on the sofa of my house(because my mom made me get out of bed) and counting hte minutes, then the hours of the day, waiting for the night to come, nights were a bit better whenever I was able to go to sleep and then one more day would be over. When I saw your show, I started crying. I thought I was fine but seeing another woman on tv going through what I went through was just too much. I love my children dearly. I also said no more children after my daughter but I wanted lots of children. We had our second, similar thing with the hyperemesis, except that started a week sooner. I was very sick, bla bla bla, I almost got the nutrution system but my veins were so small because of dehydration that they could not do it on the maternity floor, the lady that was doing hte sonogram on my arms to find the vein could not find a big one on either of my arms. I was told that I would have to go to the radiology floor so they can do a more extensive search. I was so scared for my bby and the xrays that I said no. I decided to try harder and keep eating. I did not keep my food at all, but I guess that someting stayed, enough to keep me and my baby alive. It is very sad to see other pregnant women at restaurants, happy, having fun, shopping, enjoying their pregnancy, looking for baby stuff, thinking about your baby's name etc.. all the things I could not do because I was so sick. I felt I could not bond to my baby, because I was trying to survive and not die. My mother came to stay with me for months, she cooked for meand made me eat and drink. I did not keep it downbut I guess that keeping the food down for minutes or an hour did some instead of not eating at all. When my mom left, I was by myself at home. I could not cook, becuse smells would make me sick. I was able to smell the food inside the refrigerator from several feet away, it was horrible, of course it made me sick. I was weak, I could not really walk well, I stayed on my bed, and got really dehydrated in just 2 days. I got so bad I was just laying there in bed feeling I was dying when my husband came home and took me to the hospital. Amazing as it may seem, I arrived at the hospital and they gave me IV fluids for an hour or 2 and let me go. I was back the next day and stayed for 5 days. I ws sent home with lots of meds, pump etc..
Please do another show in which you focus on Hyperemesis 100%. The public needs to be informed. it hurst when other pregnant woman tell you, you have to eat crackers in the morning in order to avoid the nausea. Forget about popsicles, crackers, anything. There was nothing I was able to eat that I would keep down. Everything made me sick, no matter what. It is sad when people at your Bradley method class made you feel guilty for not drinking enough water because you need to drink lotsof fluids. Ignorance among hte public needs to be corrected. Please consider doig another show. I am willing to participate if you need me to.
Thanks again for trying to support all women who have suffered with HG.