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An Open Letter to HG

PostPosted: Apr 02, 2007 12:40 pm
by justme
An Open Letter to HG

Life a thief in the night
You stole my joy, my dreams,
I was fine before I met you
Stumbling, perhaps, as is often the case with life
But you knocked my feet out from under me, stole my breath, took my child,
and broke my heart

Who I was before, a memory
Who I am now, a nightmare

Tragedy is the stuff of great fiction
Yet this has somehow become real
The torture and torment bleeding off the page of make believe
Into the landscape of my reality
My feet no longer touch the ground, for I am flat on my back
and my eyes can no longer produce tears

Who I am now, a nightmare
Who I am becoming, a new creature

As the beat of time marches on
There is a soft touch of healing, a gentle hope of repair
But there are places that no balm can soothe
And the tape sometimes does not hold the pieces together
The jagged edges become smoother, but the pieces don't fit the same

Who I am now, a new creature
Who I am becoming, a mystery