If only more women knew

The HER foundation contributed letters from our forums members for a show that featured Hyperemesis as a topic. The show aired in April of 2007.

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If only more women knew

Postby teddi » Feb 24, 2007 9:34 pm

Dear Dr Phil Show,

If only every mom sick with Hyperemesis knew....

- that she has a disease

- that the name of the disease is HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDARUM

- that she's not the cause of it, that she's not just "weak"

- that there is treatment

- that there is HOPE and a wonderful reward on the other side

... then there would be:

- thousands of few abortions every year (up to 25% of moms with HG have an abortion because of the disease)

- tens of thousands of moms recieving proper medical care

- tens of thousands of moms at less risk for serious medical complications

- tens of thousands of babies at less risk for serious medical complications

- more of a demand for Drs to take this disease more seriously.

- fewer ended marriages, broken friendships, and broken hearted moms.

Thank you for covering this topic. Someday I hope you read the letter from another mom- the mom who watched your show and her baby who's alive because of it.

Teddi Ivey
Bert , 3/2000 HG#1, wk 6 - birth, GB removed @ 16wks
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