The HER foundation contributed letters from our forums members for a show that featured Hyperemesis as a topic. The show aired in April of 2007.

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Postby Caitlin's mom » Feb 24, 2007 1:42 pm

Dr. Phil,
I have always loved your show, but never so much as when I found out you were discussing HG. HOORAY! I am a survivor of this debilitating illness and I have a beautiful daughter to show for it. I cannot describe how devastating HG is. Does anyone know what it is like to be growing a child in your body, yet your body is constantly fighting you? Have you ever passed out in a doctor's office, only to be told, "It's just morning sickness, why don't you eat a popsicle?" Have you ever thrown up fifty times in one day and still been refused medical care? If I sound angry, I am. Everyday I pray for women who have to go through this. I found this website two weeks ago and it has been a Godsend.
Dr. Phil, you are one of the most genuine human beings I have seen on television. Maybe you can talk some sense into employers, health care providers, and insurance companies who think this is a psychological ailment. Women with HG are not crazy and we love our babies! Thank you for reading this letter. Best of luck with the show.


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