The HER foundation contributed letters from our forums members for a show that featured Hyperemesis as a topic. The show aired in April of 2007.

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Postby puremajik » Feb 24, 2007 11:29 am

Thank you so much for drawing attention to a widely ignored but very present disease. If even one person watches that is suffering from HG and it gives her empowerment then you have succeeded. If just one voice would stand up and say what it is like to suffer physically and emotionally then maybe HG sufferers can live in a better exsistence. I have suffered thru 2 HG pregnancies. I worked for a widely known company that employed many so there were several of us possibly pregnant at the same time. I was the "lucky" one and seemed to be the only one that vomited daily. I was subjected to many whispers and confronted in front of many about the possibility of making myself sick in order not to gain weight. I lost excessive amounts of weight and was put on medical leave which i had thought i was going to be okay because i had Short Term Disability. I was denied because i was not sick enough and i could do a job..even though i was getting accused daily of using my pregnancy as a crutch...I am and always will be a hard worker. I could not afford my drug regime of zofran being over 100 dollars for just 15 pills.(that was with insurance). I was hospitalized frequently my oldest son lost on on days with mommy before he was to start a big phase of his life kindergaten. Family members told me i should eat. If only it was all that easy. I got depressed and that is when i found a light in kimber and the her board. Thank god. You do start to think you are crazy and it is all in your head because other people treat you that way. You also can have many different symptoms I had dizziness from the lights. Smells made me sick. My life became all about worring what effects i had caused my sons. I fought hard and felt accomplished after i had delivered my healthy babies. I will always wonder though if any affects will present themselves later. After my first pregnancy it disappeared and i was "me" this time (my son is 6 mos) i am not so lucky. I cannot enjoy food i once could. everything i eat affects me in some way. I am fatter then i have ever been i think my metabolism has definitly been effected. NO i am not fat cuz i want to be. I am lucky because i had the support of my husband and a few good friends. I would hate to be alone. I also felt ashamed to "burden" my doctor, who fought hard with Short term disability and 6 mos after i applied i was awarded. I again am glad you are doing a segment on HG I hope it reaches a whole new level of recognition.
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