What's your profession?

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What's your profession?

Postby Ivydragon » Aug 05, 2005 12:02 am

I've been curious of late to know what we do, besides HG, and kids, or what we're trained to do, lol. So, if you have a profession, you can share it here, or what you went to college for, or would like to go to college for.

Personally, I'm first and foremost an at home mom, but I was a Music Major in College (Organ Performance and Pedegogy). I've played the piano for 26 years (I started at 4 1/2), and I have 10 piano students. I'm a member of the National Music Teachers Association, and I love teaching piano - but never thought I would. I'm classically trained, but also have been trained in Jazz, Dixie, and other stuff. I have really eclectic tastes in music, and will listen to just about anything. I'm known for my ability to sight read, and I have perfect pitch.

I'm also a Creative Memories Consultant, and I'm a scrapbooking nut!

I want to go back to College one day, but am still debating whether or not to finish my Music Degree (I only have a year under my belt), or if I should just do the rest by corresponence and change to American and English Lit. I've been mulling that over for 11 years. :) I thought I was maybe closer to a decision last year, but I'm back to neutral, now.

Anyone else?

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Postby IslandDreamer » Aug 05, 2005 12:50 am

Besides puking, grieving, and being depressed since the pregnancy rollercoaster began in 1998 :roll: , I teach college reading and writing. My favorite course is Developmental Writing for folks who missed stuff in high school or returning adults seeking a refresher.

My BA is in Political Science, and I have an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in Creative Writing...all to land teaching college composition...who da thunk it. But I love the job. I have quite a few more credits post graduate and was beginning to focus on my PhD when I had my first bout with HG. And I was again getting serious about returning to PhD studies when Hope showed up on the scene...well, you've all watched what happened to school this time :shock: .

I've been in my current position since fall 1999 as an special lecturer (now a SL 2 because of number of years) at a local universityand was seeking a tenure track position this summer that didn't pan out...love politics. My current position was to be temporary until I got my feet under me in Michigan...little did I know my feet would still be in the air six years later :lol: . My boss is good about scheduling my teaching around our family's needs, and the pay (which is crappy) is the best in the area for contract teachers, so I stay on.

Keeping up with Christopher would be the majority of my day :D .
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Postby helen-l-a » Aug 05, 2005 3:34 am

Wow, not sure I want to answer that one I feel somewhat lacking :lol:

I am a qualified medical secretary but not practised for ever.. I went on to do psychiatric nursing but fell pregnant with my son... two years complete. I then took some time off.. had a couple of little shop jobs inbetween, including optical assistant and children's shoe fitter (I got fed up with people not fitting my own chidrens shoe's correctly so decided to do it myself when I saw a part-time job advertised) then eventually I did a law degree, but only completed a year. I loved it but realise that there is rarely any justice in the law and that the only people who win are those that are proficient liars and the solicitors who get paid loads. I prefer justice to all that so will not be finishing my degree which is a shame as I was good at it and I enjoyed it... so not sure what I am going to do when this little man is born.

Helenxxx :D
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Postby caleighbelle47 » Aug 05, 2005 5:14 am

I'm a college drop-out :D I never finshed college, I could never figure out what I wanted to major in. I just wanted to be a stay at home mom and there was no major for that. I started out in Elementry education, but then switched over to pre-med. Then I got married and started making babies. I'll go back some day although I still don't know what to major in. I'll probably end up doing a home daycare someday so maybe something along the lines of early childhood education? The careers I want require a degree in things I hate, where the pre-med really interests me but it's not a career I really want :(

I absolutely hate the fact that I owe $5,000 dollars in students loans and have nothing to show for it except a bunch of debt.
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Postby helen-l-a » Aug 05, 2005 6:01 am

I also have student debt Angela and nothing to show..... so annoying!

Helenxxx :D
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Postby Atsie » Aug 05, 2005 6:50 am

I finished a two year college program called Developmental Services Worker. I work with children and adults with pysical and developmental disabilities. I love my job and love that no day is ever the same. That being said, at the end of mat leave I really wont want to go back!
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Postby Beth B » Aug 05, 2005 7:47 am

I'm a stay-home mom but used to be a teacher - have taught pre-K, K (my favorite), and 1st grade. I got a degree in English, then secondary (7-12) certification in English. I subbed for a year but couldn't land a permanent job, as my district was cutting positions, so I took a job teaching preschool in a private school. I left there to be a nanny after 2 years, to give me more flexibility while I went back to school to earn another degree, in elementary (K-6) education with a specialization in early childhood. I taught until William was born, and I plan to go back when Thomas is in first grade.

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This is me!

Postby Jenny » Aug 05, 2005 8:39 am

In a previous life I was a youth pastor. That is where my education and training really are. I did that for seven years until 2000 When I started going on missions trips to Peru. I participated in building an orphanage there and starting their first vacation bible school where we had over 150 kids coming! I really loved that and got the hunger to work with the less fortunate. (at my church I was attending at the time, Youth pastoring was really more babysitting for spoiled pastor's and deacon's kids eek!)

That is when I began working at a local teen center (1.6 million dollar teen center in Ashland Oregon at the time), then became a case manager with high risk youth, then became the Program Supervisor for the teen center. After a couple years of that, I moved to Redding to become the Domestic Violence Specialist for Child Protective Services.

As much as I have learned and loved all of those things, I am very much looking forward to them replacing me and me staying at home to be a mom. I have three teenage boys who need a mommy home with them, and now a new bundle on the way to wrap us around his/her finger!

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Postby Kadinga » Aug 05, 2005 8:52 am

Before I became a SAHM, I was a school music teacher. My training was initially in Orchestral Music Performance (Trombone) then I went on to do a teacher's degree. I've taught instrumental music years 7 - 12 on almost every instrument; trombone (obviously) tuba, euphonium, trumpet, saxophone (tenor and alto), clarinet, flute and percussion/drum kit. I've also taught classroom music from Kindergarten right through to year 12 (matriculation - VCE as we call it here).

Actually, that was the same year I taught Kindergarten for the first time. I'd spend a day at the primary school (which was a bit like running 6 consecutive 1/2 hour Wiggles shows for various age levels) and then come in to my year 12s first thing next day, still with "The Fun Voice" which the 18 year olds figured out, over time, was not me being rude and patronising, it was just me having trouble getting out of little-kid mode. :oops:

I've also conducted school bands - concert bands and stage bands.

and all that was in just 4 years as a teacher before I fell pg!

I envision myself going back to it one day, but not immediately. I'll probably go after a primary school (kids aged 5 - 12) job first, as the face-to-face is generally more confined to school hours there. The highschool I worked in offered me a one-day-a-week job, but I didn't take it and I'm SO glad I didn't. The woman who did take it not only participated in concerts, competitions and went on overnight music camp and tours, but also made two trips to the city for the sake of one student. :!: I know I'd have ended up doing all that too. I'm so glad that we can manage for me to stay home!

It's really interesting reading what everyone does or has done in the other parts of their lives. You're all such fascinating women.

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Postby dwtegli » Aug 05, 2005 9:18 am

Right now I am working as an office manager for a civil engineering firm. I have an associate's degree in accounting and I was in school working on a bachelor's degree when I got pregnant with Cassidy. I managed to stay in through my pregnancy with her, but when I became pregnant with Colton, I was way to sick (obviously), and had to quit. I don't know when I will go back, but I know I will. I want to eventually become a CPA.
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Postby shearn01 » Aug 05, 2005 9:22 am

I am an Registered Nurse on an Obstetrics Floor. I have been doing it only for four years, but it seems like forever. I graduated from a school of nursing with a diploma in nursing and have been toying with the idea of finishing to get my B.S. I am also toying with becoming certified in obstetrical nursing..which is a little more pay and it basically is another test, but I think that is something I want to do to prove to myself I do know what I'm doing! We are also in the process of putting up two mammoth sized chicken houses like 60x500 ft. BIG MAMMAS, so I guess on my days off I will have to help take care of the chix.... :roll:
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Postby HelenA » Aug 05, 2005 9:23 am

I am now a stay at home mummy, but I have a degree in childcare and was a nanny for 6 years, I am also qualified (NVQ) in caring for the elderly, I have worked in a nursing home and more recently I was a home carer, going to elderly people homes and cooking, helping get them up and getting them ready for bed etc... I had been doing that for just over a year when I fell pregnant and at 8 weeks gone I had to stop work, to start with I was on sick leave then maternity and now I am about to hand my notice in when my maternity leave ends. I don't have a paid job now but inbetween nappy changes, sick ups, and feeding I work a lot on pc graphics making pics, sigs and other designs for friends. I also run 5 MSN groups, one for the care of Huskies, one PSP group, a Dollz site, a general chat site, and another general group. I really never have 5 seconds spare these days...LOL
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Postby Jolene » Aug 05, 2005 9:32 am

Before HG hit in winter, I was a teacher's aid (AKA Paraprofessional) in an elementary school for grades K and first. I have a teacher's certification in the state of New Hampshire but it is hard to find a teaching position here, it is very competitive. I have a BA in Psychology and I am in a MA program for Elementary Ed. I take online classes at Capella University.

Right now, I am a SAHM, which is fine and relaxing, but I am already starting to get bored. I think after the baby is born, maybe in January, I will apply to be a sub at all the seacoast schools. This all depends on daycare costs. When I finish I finish my MA, I will apply to the same schools for a lead teaching position.

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Postby rjdecker » Aug 05, 2005 10:28 am

Wow! We have so much talent and diversity! It is really exciting! I love to read what everyone is doing.

Sabrina, I would highly suggest getting your BSN. I did it and am so glad! It is very valuable. Go for that certification test. I'll cheer you on! :lol:

I am an RN currently working in a pediatric office. I have been there for about a year. It has been like a career change for me, as I have worked in nursing homes since 1991. I love Alzheimer's care. It is challenging and you never know from moment to moment what is going to happen. I finished my BSN in May of 2001, right as I got pg with #3. Then I was accepted into a graduate program to become a geriatric nurse practitioner. I found the program to be very lacking in training, and felt that if I was to have someone's life in my hands, I wanted a better program. So, I quit!

I have since had another baby and last year, I enrolled in another graduate program. This time to become a nurse educator so I could teach nursing. I would really like to teach geriatrics and the ins and outs of nursing home care. Did you know that nursing homes are so heavily regulated that only nuclear plants are regulated more heavily? Well, these regulations and stuff are generally not taught in nursing programs and I have a goal to start implementing a type of program to teach this to students so that they can be better nurses in this area. Believe it or not, this is a real specialty. I also would like to teach pediatrics, but I need so much more experience here.

Hopefully, after a while, I will reenter a nurse practitioner program. But that is way down the road. I am mostly a SAHM and do not work very often! Which is good. It has taken me a while to get used to it, I love to work! I must be crazy! But I have to be busy and involved (until HG hits! Then I am camping out on the couch for nine months!). My dh has to hold the reins so that I do not do too much. And I have to push him out the door! So, we kind of balance each other out. He is the administrator of one of the nursing homes here and someday we had thought we might like to own our own nursing home. It is a distant dream, but we have had it for over nine years and maybe someday it just might happen 8)


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Postby nomore » Aug 05, 2005 10:51 am

It really is very interesting to learn what we are all about, besides all of us having suffered HG.

My story: I double majored in college in Social Sciences and Elementary Education. When I graduated it was tough to find teaching work, but I got a job teaching Pre k (3 to 5 year olds). Although I loved it, I was really hoping to teach Kindergarten or 1st grade. So, at the end of the school year, I quit and the following fall I started subbing in varoius disticts. Well, the beginning of the school year was pretty slow (it doesnt start until Sept here) and I was a newlywed... hence we needed some $..lol, so I took a job temping where my SIL worked, a major merchandising and marketing company. It was supposed to last 1 to 2 weeks... well, 4 years later I was still there... and had moved up greatly in the company! When I got prego with Madison, my offical title was Project Manager. I was one of the senior ones in our group., I basically had a large client contact and set up and directed our Reps on to how to complete the specific merchandising assignment. And, I handled all of the varoius issues and problems assocaited with that. It was a really fun job, although, I worked ALOT... lol at least 50 to 55 hours a week. At least the pay was decent. :)

Well, I lost that job due to HG and it was pretty devastating to me. I was so angry at the companay and HG put a lot into perspective to me that I declined my position that was offered to me 3 months post partum. I honestly dont regret it in the least right now! When Madison was 1 year old, I got a job working part time as an ER clerk. The hours were great (3 pm to 11 pm... and I worked 2 shifts per week). This job more fit my life than my long term intrests. I just quit recently due to HG again.

I plan on hoping to try to find a job when this next baby is 1 year old too. And, I have seroiusly considered going back to teaching when these babies of mine are a bit older. (Even though I loved my marketing job, I always missed teaching.... what can I say, I love kids). But, time will only tell.

So, for how, I will just go back to enjoying being a SAHM, well that is at least when the HG lets up a bit.

I always say that one day I'll figure out what I want to be when I grow up.... lol, Im only 30 :)

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Postby JennyK » Aug 05, 2005 11:10 am

I am a lawyer. My practice consists of primarily civil litigation and business law. I like my job but would work half time instead of full time if I had my way. Unfortunately that is neither in our budget nor is it practical for an attorney in private practice.
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Postby mandy » Aug 05, 2005 3:27 pm

I left school, studied Psychology and then went on to study childcare. I worked in private nurseries, schools, social services and my final job was as a Kindergarten teacher (age 2-3) in a private school. I have been a SAHM for 6 years and for the last 2 years have been doing admin at home for my dh's business. I'll be keeping an eye out for a p/t job around next Spring probably, either in childcare or maybe work as a Volunteer for a bit. I'll have to see what's out there and what feels right at that time. Scary after 6 years at home!

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Postby teddi » Aug 05, 2005 4:51 pm

I'm a loser. Haha, ok no.

I went to UCLA....didn't stay long. I had no way to pay for myself (my rents don't believe in paying for college, and unfortunately their income was so high I couldn't get loans and qualified for zilch). My stepmom, a mail carrier was busting her butt to cover what my scholarships didn't (they only covered about 1/3 of my costs). It's a long story, but I didn't and couldn't burder her and continue in the situation, so I left.

I grew to be very interested in medicine from my first HG experience. Obstetrics in fascinating to me. I've toyed with the idea of doing ultrasound teching, or L&D nursing, or even CNM/NP. Someday, maybe. We'll see.

I really enjoyed my last job working as front office in the county clinics. I learned alot, I'm a little sponge so I'd constantly try and learn things beyond my scope of filing medical charts and running a front office. If someone spent like one day of teaching me I'm sure I could do blood draws and BP checks. I'm toying with the idea of applying with Kaiser (actually did a few years ago in their call center and got an offer), just on call/part time basis.

My dream job would be the following: being able to work in a pro-life comprehensive services care clinic- being trained and cert. in ultrasonography & NP, so I could provide actual care. Will I ever get the $ and time and effort to get there is another story.
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Postby Beth B » Aug 05, 2005 7:58 pm

Mandy - it's interesting that we both taught "Kindergarten:, but my students were 5 (or 4, or 6, depending on birthdays) and yours were 2-3!

Teddi - I totally thought you already were a nurse. I think you'd be a great one someday!

I love hearing about everyone's experiences - we have such variety!

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Postby bibliojo » Aug 05, 2005 8:44 pm

I have a BA in History with a minor in English and work in a post secondary library. At first I started off as a circulation assistant (the ones that check out your books if you go to the library, but it really is much more than that too) but when I had Lukas I choose to resign from my position. At 7 months postpartum, I returned to work as a shelver. I was way overqualified but I couldn't resist the great pay for such brainless work and the fact that I could choose when I wanted to work. It gave me a nice break from being a mommy. I did two years of that and have now just returned to being a part time circulation assistant. I think once I'm done having kids and they are in school I like to pursue a Masters in Library and Information Science so that I could become a librarian - aka a smarty pants! :wink:

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