Propel Water by Gatorade

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Propel Water by Gatorade

Postby KarenStep » Jan 23, 2005 10:44 pm

Hi all-

When I had my HG pregnancy, they were just coming out with the Propel Fitness water made by Gatorade. I always hated regular gatorade and did try some before I had the water, and could not even get the regular Gatorade down.

I decided to try the Propel water, and much to my surprise, I felt so much better after I drank it! I did not always keep it down, I usually had about 20 minutes before it came back up, but I felt like I had energy after I drank it and it felt so good to drink something cold and refreshing. There were times I had to force myself to sip and not chug it! It seemed to take the ache out of my body and I felt like I could function a little better. Maybe it was all in my head - but I did feel a huge difference.

I ended up drinking it my entire pregnancy, it was about the only thing I drank. Hope that someone out there finds this helpfull!

-mom to Owen (9/11/03)
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