She says she is really sick. Is she exaggerating?

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She says she is really sick. Is she exaggerating?

Postby admin » May 27, 2004 12:04 am

First of all, understand that she is really sick and no one except those who have had HG will truly understand what she is experiencing. You may have a better idea if you imagine having food poisoning for weeks (or months). Most people know how miserable and exhausting just a day or two of that is. Also, keep in mind that women become isolated due to being so ill and may become depressed ( ... gnancy.pdf - PDF) and/or anxious, especially if HG lasts beyond mid-pregnancy or is very severe. This is not uncommon and not her fault. If she feels depressed, talk to her and her doctor about medication or try natural homeopathic remedies. Some medications have been researched for use during pregnancy after the first trimester.

Support Groups
Find others who have experienced HG and read their stories. It can be very helpful to read how others have coped to better understand the reality of HG: ... groups.php

Survival Tips
Print out or refer to our Survival Guide pages for information on what it is like to experience HG and how you can help. Remember, you will never completely understand, but you can be supportive:

Read the pages on coping for tips on how you can cope with the added stress and responsibility of caring for a loved one with HG:

How You Can Help Her
Review information specifically for family members and friends on how you can best help a mother with HG cope and survive:
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