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She had HG in her last pregnancy. Can we prevent it?

PostPosted: May 26, 2004 11:58 pm
by admin
Since the exact cause is not known and is likely due to more than one factor, it is not preventable. However, the symptoms are often more manageable and less severe if adequate treatment is given early in pregnancy. Sometimes women find HG may be less severe if they plan ahead and prepare for pregnancy. This includes eating very healthy, taking antioxidants and prenatal vitamins for several months, and making sure she is in the best health possible. Underlying conditions such as gall bladder disease can worsen HG. Finding a health professional experienced in treating HG and who knows her history is crucial. Make a plan based on what worked for her last pregnancy and find a health professional willing to give her get the care she needs.

Preparing for HG: ... for-hg.php