Adoption Interview Done

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Adoption Interview Done

Postby Ivydragon » Mar 15, 2006 5:25 pm

Well, yesterday we had our adoption interivews. They were supposed to be last week, but were rescheduled because our adoption worker was ill. He's really easy to talk to, and I was just amazed at how well he pegged my husband, and us a couple. I left there feeling really uplifted, and feeling like I'd married this amazing person. My dh wanted to be first in the interview (we were interviewed separately), and I thought that was pretty cool - even when we were told that the first person usually had the longer interview!

Anyways, that is done - just have to nudge two of our referrences to get their letters of recommendation (well, we hope they recommend us, lol) turned in. Our home study (where they ok our home) is scheduled for the 19th of April, and so we have to prime, get doors installed, get the electrical finished, get carpeted, and closets doors in, and move the kids downstairs, and then move us across the house, and then clean the whole lot of it.

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed, but it's the last stage to get approved.

We've also learned in one week of a birthmom who we were hoping to be matched with chose someone else, and the two year old we were told about in December has been taken into foster custody. We're happy that the birthmom found an adoptive couple that she feels so happy about, but sad that the little 2 year old is in the foster system. Kinda been a week of ups and downs. My ankle is feeling much better, thank goodness!

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Postby Atsie » Mar 15, 2006 6:29 pm

You are really moving along in the adoption process. Yay! The interview is done. I hope everything goes well and you can take a big of a rest before the 19th!
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