hi everyone

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hi everyone

Postby Guest » Aug 30, 2005 11:31 pm

im new to this site but I was drawn to this particular forum. I am a 23 year old single mother of 2. My oldest is 3 and my youngest is almost 5 months old. I had hyperemisis with both pregnancies and stayed in the hospital for 2 months this last time. My daughter Ava was born at 28 weeks but is doing just fine now. I decided while still pregnant with her to place her for open adoption due to other circumstances. I found her mommy and daddy on-line. They had put up a web-site about wanting to adopt and their family and I fell in love with them. They had been trying to start a family for years. We have an open adoption - I get pictures and phone calls and even visits with Ava (though not a lot b/c they live in PA). My 3 year old knows her and has seen her and calls her her "sisr Ayba" I even got to choose her first name. I guess I just wanted to get the word out to those of you wanting/trying to adopt - I didnt go through an agency to find my daughter's parents and they didnt find me - I found them through their web-site. They waited a long time just like some of you probably have - but I know that there are so many other young girls out there who may not know anything about adoption (just like i didnt)and are just waiting to meet those special people to love their baby. I know Im on the other end of this and I hope that its okay. If not just let me know. I just figured that maybe I could offer some kind of advise just from being on this end. My daughter's family has a website at www.smithangels.com . If you click on "baby Ava" it tells our story.

Postby Atsie » Aug 31, 2005 11:23 am

That is wonderful. She is very cute and obviously very loved by everyone!.
Thank you for sharing your story.
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