New Adoption Paperwork

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New Adoption Paperwork

Postby Ivydragon » Aug 18, 2005 8:38 pm

So, we decided to look into LDS Family Services to adopt. We are LDS, incidentally. We decided not to 5 years ago - couldn't seem to fill out the paperwork, not the right path for us, ended up foster parents in Utah, and adopting Adam through the State.

So, we found out that LDS Family Services changed their family size policy, and their restrictive open adoption policy as well - now you can adopt an infant already having two or more children, and you can have complete control as to how open you want to be after the adoption - ok, so most adoptive parents still want privacy and less contact, but not us - we have loved having a very open adoption.

So, we have the 2nd pack of paperwork early - handed the wrong pack when we dropped by, and have an early start, hehe. Sunday I was seized with the desire to literally do nothing but fill out paperwork - so I've been trying to actually homeschool and attend to other stuff, too, but in the back of my mind all the time is adopting, and honestly, it wasn't before. Too weird. It's like now's the time - DO IT NOW! And I'm having pg dreams! What is up with that? DH is in complete agreement, and our conversation drifts to adopting frequently now.

The kids have all brought up twins, independently, before we started paperwork. They all seem to think that it's of course going to happen - the little one started it! He seems to think we need a crib for the baby girl, and a baby crib for the baby boy who will be here at the same time. What is up with that? We have no preference of sex, and would accept a single child, twins, or a sibling pair, and any race. Adam is 4 1/2. We could easily adopt two at the same time, but would be totally ok with adopting one!

Thought you'd all want to know.

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Postby mandy » Aug 19, 2005 10:12 am

That's great news Andy. My best friend is going thro the adoption process here in the Uk at the moment. She is infertile so has no children and is hoping to adopt a sibling pair in one go. She should go to panel by Christmas. I am a reference for her and her dh and a very excited prospective 'auntie' for her children! Good luck with all your paperwork and the journey ahead.

Mandy x
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Postby nomore » Aug 19, 2005 10:43 am


Thats GREAT news :) Cant wait to hear more updates.

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Postby dwtegli » Aug 19, 2005 12:42 pm


That's is wonderful. Good luck and please continue to keep us updated on how it is going.
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Postby Natalie » Aug 19, 2005 2:55 pm

YAY :D Andy, I am so pleased for you that things have started moving along again. And you sound so... hopeful about it all which is soooo great.

I was also a referee for a couple who have recently adopted a sibling pair of brothers aged 5 and 3 (they weren't fussed about having a new born) and they are so, so happy and just loving and relishing every day. It's so wonderful to see.

Keep up updated.

Love Natalie, x
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