Is HG a risk for the surrogate?

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Is HG a risk for the surrogate?

Postby Abby » Jan 08, 2005 1:08 am

We are currently looking for a surrogate for our second child, and someone asked me if she might get HG from carrying our baby. In other words, does anyone know of any indication that HG might result, not from factors in the mother's body, but from the composition of the embryo? Its hard to believe it might be so, but I'm wondering whether anyone knows of anything to support or refute this idea.

If you know of surrogacies that have gone well (without HG) for women who have previously had it, let me know that, too!


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Postby mammaclare » Jan 08, 2005 1:36 pm

Interesting question and while I don't know the answer, I will be keeping tabe here to see if someone else has more information.

How are you going about the surrogacy search? Will you simply have a gestational and the sperm and egg will be harvested from you and your DH? How did you find an attorney and if you are comfortable sharing the fees, I would be interested in that as well.

I have drept of this as an option to have "my" child without a pukefest...
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not directly related, but a possible thought

Postby IslandDreamer » Jan 08, 2005 2:18 pm

Hi Abby,

This isn't a direct answer to your surrogate/hg question, but it does begin to address the role of the baby's physiology in an hg experience.

*****fairly sensitive****loss mentioned***********

My experience with loss has been duplicated by another friend. We both had really bad hg and we both lost our babies, though not because of the hg. She delivered at 20 weeks; I delivered at 12 weeks. Both children had been gone about two weeks. I knew Hope had died because of a u/s but would have never known based on how I felt, but she did not know her son had died. For both of us, even carrying a dead baby, the hg continued. In fact, the hg continued for between 2 and 4 weeks for both of us AFTER the babies were born. So if this can be stretched into a possible answer to your question, I would say it is all to do with the pregnant woman and nothing to do with the child she is carrying.

Maybe this experience has been duplicated by other Moms here who have lost their babies. It's an interesting study of hg. I hope this offers you some encouragement about the surrogacy you are considering.

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Postby chichie » Mar 10, 2005 4:37 pm

I agree with Suzanne for many reasons:
- HG continues for some women once the baby born
- some HGsufferers have nausea just taking pills (that is to say hormones)
- my cousin aborted but nausea continued a moment after the abortion
- my family history with HG is so strong that at least in my case there is something we transmit each generation causing HG
- my body instinct tells me that HG is a reject with my body which has nothing to see with the baby
To sum up, all makes me think that HG would be like an intolerance to hormones, something due to a physical particularity in our bodies. I see it as a kind of allergy if you want. I hope to be understandable :lol: my poor English :lol:
But I hope to be wrong because it would be such a fantastic solution :)
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successful with surrogate

Postby Aim » Mar 22, 2005 11:40 pm

We had a wonderful experience with surrogacy. I had 2 hg pregnancies. One healthy girl, one m/c. After that, decided to ask a friend to carry our biological child. My friend had 2 great pregnancies already, and a third with our child. No hg problems! :D
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HG doesn't get passed on to surrogate

Postby mfejzo » Sep 26, 2005 12:33 am

I had HG twice, the 2nd was horrific and ended in a loss at 15 weeks, and after that I had a surrogate carry my healthy twin girls to term. My surrogate, even carrying twin girls (2 risk factors for increased morning sickness-twins and females) did not have anything more than normal morning sickness. There were 2 other women pursuing surrogacy because of HG in the same surrogacy website support group as me and their surrogates also did not have HG.
So if you are considering surrogacy, you can assure your surrogate she won't get HG from carrying your babies.
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Postby jjbeck » Oct 15, 2005 11:33 pm

Can you please tell me more about your surrogacy experience? How did you go about getting things started? Did your DH agree with the idea right away?

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surrogacy info

Postby mfejzo » Oct 16, 2005 11:54 pm

Hi. We decided to pursue surrogacy after a hellish HG pregnancy that ended in death -my husband and I both were into the surrogacy idea because it was the only way to have another biological child of our own. We both agreed if it didn't work out, we would pursue adoption. We met with 7 different agencies in our area to help us find a surrogate. We were very careful with who we chose to be our surrogate and actually had to sue one agency for our money back because the surrogates they offered us were not acceptable to us-one with a recent drunk driving conviction, one with an unhealthy pregnancy history, and one that didn't live in a surrogate-friendly state. After switching to another agency they found us the perfect surrogate and the rest went really perfectly after that and I couldn't be happier with our decision. I'm not saying it is easy to have another person carrying your precious embryos, but it was a wonderful experience for someone to give us and our twin girls the gift of a healthy pregnancy and healthy life. If you have any questions feel free to ask or check out the link I wrote most of at ... y-info.php There is also a link to a surrogacy support group you can join for more updated info and more advice than you'll ever need on the subject and you'll probably find some other HGers on there who are in the process and can be really helpful. good luck!
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