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Postby dna4n6grl » Sep 21, 2006 4:07 pm

Grapes - Texture - crispy skin and sweet going down, lumpy on the way back up; Taste - absolutely no taste upon return; splash back- minimal; drawbacks - skin tends to hold lumps together and it is very awkward to to bring back up as you have to wait for all lumps to clear throat before it will physically leave your mouth.

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Postby mrsbigdog » Sep 21, 2006 5:57 pm

references for texture, taste, splash back, and drawback scores on the best and worst foods.

Ranch Pasta Salad with small tomatoes in it: cool going down and fairly mild, taste not too bad coming up, splash depends upon fluid content in stomach at time, bad choice because skin of tomatoes gets stuck in your throat and won't come loose! This was the absolute worse puke I had.

Spaghetti is bad because of those long noodles...no further explanation necessary.
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Postby justme » Sep 22, 2006 1:40 pm

Milk and milkshakes are horrible - sour - coming back up.

Salad also tasted bad coming back up

Hamburgers - always come back up chunky and painful

Bread products - also chunk and painful

Mexican should be avoided at all costs.

Bile, however, is the absolute worst - not that I ate it, but a lot sure came up in both my pregnancies.

On a side note: when I was pg with Riley and we didn't know about HG, dh and I kept joking that we were going to create a website to help others out and index the "vomitability" of various foods.

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Postby tlm5999 » Sep 22, 2006 2:02 pm

Here's some more:

Popcorn - Texture - Scratchy and sharp; taste - not much at all; splash back - bad; Drawbacks - can get stuck on the way back up and won't move either way (this was of course if you can get any down in the first place :sickfast: )

SlimFast - Texture - fluid; taste similar but more sour; splash back depends on force ranges from little to bad; drawbacks - leaves a metalic and sour aftertaste

Ice tea - Texture - cold both ways; taste same both ways; splash back - ranges from little to bad; drawbacks - none, and the cold helps to relieve the burn.
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Postby Natalie » Sep 22, 2006 5:55 pm

Pineapple: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have this when you have HG.

If you can get it down, good. Coming back up: can't tast due to the SERIOUS acid burns in throat and mouth. Texture: very stringy so makes you gag more plus almost choked to death. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

You have been warned!

Love Natalie, x
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Postby jesspinky1 » Sep 22, 2006 11:56 pm

Worst: Pineapple~seriously thought I was gonna die when it got stuck coming back up
Pickles~ they got stuck, had horrible splash back, tasted horrible, just plain bad!
Popcorn~ worst splashback I ever had! Got in my eyes and burned like heck!
Oatmeal~ very dense and hard to get up
Red kool-aid~ stained my toilet pink!
Any milk product at all~ sours in stomach and tastes horrible coming up, also, those curdle chunks get stuck in throat

Best: Flat coke wasn't so bad coming back up
No food at all that I can think of
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Postby carla » Sep 23, 2006 12:55 am

this is soo funny,

I seriously had a good laugh, as I could relate to many of these stories
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Postby -samanthakay- » Sep 23, 2006 12:16 pm

Grape juice is ok tastes the same but warm coming up.

Apple juice hurt and made me gag as I was puking. I could not get any air and was worried I was going to pass out.

chicken soup was nice and soft coming back up.
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Postby Susannah » Sep 23, 2006 9:19 pm

Peppermint stick ice cream: Nice color- stays pink, but leaves a very thick film in your mouth- worst vomit I had with a "liquid"

Egg: doesn't taste too bad. Did get stuck in my nose once ::shutters::

Rice- the nose problem again

7up- tasted about the same coming back

crackers :verygreen:
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Postby woodgirl » Sep 23, 2006 10:51 pm

Lettuce: Texture- kind of reminds you of seaweed on the way up; taste- great if you are craving it, like warm rotten death on the way up, especially if it's been digesting for awhile; splash- depends on the rest of your stomach content...still makes me shutter.

Bread- usually tastes fine on the way down, but globs up and chokes you on the way up, and it splashes back at you like a fish.

Ice cream is fabulous on the way down and back up if you don't wait very long to throw up.

Avoid grapefruit and any other acidic fruit or veggie. I wouldn't recommend Emetrol either. It'd be nice to not have to eat anything...
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Postby carla » Sep 24, 2006 12:47 am

I think my worst vomit was with cheese. It also came out of my nose! Very much like acid.

I think one of my better vomits was with watermelon.

ugggg the memories!
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Postby PamelaRose » Sep 24, 2006 1:37 am

Raspberry shake - not down more than a couple minutes, so no time for taste to change, but the seeds sting when shooting out the nose, and the pink splatters actually stained the white toilet seat. THAT was nasty!

Orange Hi-C and berry JuicyJuice come back up nicely. One of my favorites during my last HG was a creamy scalloped potato dish. The potatoes were diced and well-cooked so not too chunky coming back up, and the white sauce was rather soothing on the throat.

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Postby Ben's Mom » Oct 10, 2006 11:53 pm

Bad -- any kind of meat (turkey, chicken, etc.). Dense, so got stuck in throat on way back up. Nasty splash back. Had GD, so I had to eat lots of protien.

Good -- Scrambled eggs were best. Soft on way down and back up. If they were nice and fluffy, they had little splash back.

Ironically, crackers were terrible. Scratchy when they came back up.

Any fruits and veggies -- carrots, oranges, etc. Problems range from acid (organge, pinapple, etc.) to discomfort during vomiting. Most veggies scratched my throat coming back up.

Oh, have to go... baby's crying. Will write more. This is too funny!! I've been waiting my entire pregnancy to talk about this! No one but you HG-ers understand!!!

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Postby Mikey&Bree'sMama(src) » Nov 02, 2006 8:11 pm

OMG, I can't believe I missed this post before! I have to add a couple:

Boost: not to bad going down, creamy and tastes good. sour coming back up, burns, takes **forever** to get it all up. splashback ranges from minimal to bad

Apples: ok going down, crunchy and sweet. coming back up they are like warm, sour applesauce, choked on peels, was totally afraid I was going to die because I couldn't breathe! minimal splashback, but doesn't look pleasant. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

Milky Way bars: (ate too much Halloween candy the other night :( ) sweet going down, but the caramel chunks up on return, tastes sour. medium splashback

I know you're not supposed to take Advil during pg, but just as a warning to anyone who might concider it: DO NOT USE THE LIQUIGELS. I use these when not pg during migraine headaches. They ***burn*** coming back up, taste awful, and the taste doesn't wash out of your mouth.
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Postby IslandDreamer » Nov 02, 2006 8:25 pm

-grapefruit...no explanation needed there, but oh the burn.
-second worst...long pasta noodles...maybe tied for first now that I think about it.

-chocolate...same on the way up as on the way down, well, pretty much. Someone here once posted the tip of eating a bit of chocolate at the end of a meal to eliminate bad tastes if she puked. It worked, I tried it but love chocolate to much to do it a lot.
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Postby Kezza » Nov 10, 2006 9:57 pm

Last night my DH baked some Beets (known as beetroot in AUstralia) and I promptly threw it up an hour later. At my 12th week of a second HG pregnancy I can honestly say that throwing up BEETS is one of the worst things ever - YUCKO!!
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Postby Cheri » Nov 10, 2006 10:17 pm

I can't believe I'm even trying to read this. :sickfast: I certainly can't remember everything...and it amazes me how every puke can be such a new and horrible experience! (around a 1000 pukes later :?)

Anyway, these stick out in my mind as among the worst memories:

-Oranges, OJ, anything citrus.
-Powdered Ginger Root
-Senekot (ugghhh, ugghhhhh, ugghhhh, this one's still fresh in my mind :verygreen: )
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Postby Starfoot » Nov 17, 2006 7:36 pm

I like Brisk Ice Tea on the way down but even more so on the way up! We had a whole conversation on this a few weeks ago on the first trimester forum...

Worst ever puke so far: cream of wheat. Thought it'd be easy on the way up due to the texture, but I didn't factor in how much it would sour. Ugh. Splashback was bad too. Never again.

Chili came in at a close second. My mother made some for herself and I ventured a few tastes... BURNED on the way up. *shudder*

Ramen noodles are OK up and down, although considerable splashes and it's a bit sour on the way up. Easy to wash taste out of mouth though.

Strawberries are not too bad on the way up, they don't taste as good but they're not terribly nasty either and less of a burn than with some other fruits.

Chocolate cake turns SOUR coming up, nothing I'd recommend, sour chocolate? Whoever heard of it... Plain chocolate, ironically, tasted the same up and down. Weird.

Believe it or not after all this time I'm starting to be OK with bile, even the taste doesn't get to me. I even prefer the empty stomach pukes to food coming up. Less splash and less of that nasty throat irritation of too much food coming up at once. (I never had this problem pre-HG... for some reason my stomach now wants ALL the food out at once, doesn't stop to consider my throat's width has its limitations.)
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Postby Anameara » Jan 09, 2007 4:02 am

Milk: Terrible chunks, with the worst splashback!

Chili: Burns on return, and like refried beans, they get stuck in sinuses and nose.

Salad: Lettuce-awful, French dressing-tasty!

Side note:::::if you vomit in the snow, steam rises from it! Awesome effect!
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Postby Princesshood » Feb 03, 2007 7:30 pm

OMG totally agree with the salad. I think it may have been my personal worst. I hope I'll be able to eat it after the birth cause right now... no freaking way!!!

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