question for all you HG'ers

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question for all you HG'ers

Postby stephanie greene » Jun 30, 2004 3:58 pm

HI! First, thank you so much for sharing your stories and encouragement! I had severe HG with my first pg in 2002 then a miscarriage in March. Planning to try again the end of the summer perhaps early fall. My question is...have any of you had spinal cord injuries prior to your HG? I just talked with a Chiropractor who feels my HG was due to an imbalance in my nervous system. I have had 3 neck surgeries due to a ruptured disc C5-6 now fused with metal plates and screws. Just wondering what you all think. I doubt all of you have been in an auto accident... had neck or back surgery...have nervous system injuries but it was an interesting discussion. Just thought I would see what I could find out.
thank you for your time!
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Postby PamelaRose » Jun 30, 2004 9:38 pm

Hmmm. Interesting theory! I don't suppose there's an overwhelming percentage of us who'll respond yes, but that doesn't mean there's not the chance it's so in your case. For me, no spinal cord injuries, but regular old scoliosis that resulted in killer sciatic pain when my giant babies compressed down there. Hmmm...Cindy had a question about back pain during pregnancy, I think, in the New/Pregnant forum. Maybe you can re-read that post to see if there are any similarities? I seem to recall someone else with a similar story (and maybe it's you, lol), so a little poking around may reveal something. You can also post this questin in the Research Polls Forum to see if that gets more response. Ugh--we're so isolated here in this vast conglomoration of forums!

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