so glad for a place like this

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so glad for a place like this

Postby bbonner » Jun 23, 2004 6:22 pm

i am so glad to have found this web site. i have 2 beautiful girls, and had 2 horrible pgs. severe hg for first 4 months, worse with the second pg. that was 7 yrs ago. there was no zophran, only tigan, phernergan, compazine, and they even tried thorozine. after baby 2, i had a tubaligation- swearing never to do it again! but 7 years later, i have remarried and had a tubal reversal and we are trying for #2. crazy?
i suffered thru those pgs all alone, being told by friends and doctors that i was nuts and it was all in my head. i would have given anything to know of a website like this! i hope to stay in touch and be tackling another pg real soon! keep giving support to all those who must feel so alone out there!
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Postby PamelaRose » Jun 23, 2004 10:31 pm

Welcome! Isn't this just the greatest? I found the original HuGS site after my second child was born and I cried and cried--tears of sadness for my own HG and joy because I really wasn't alone.

Your earlier treatments sound like my own with my first two children--in my rural area, doctors just don't see enough HG to stay current on new treatments. Zofran DID exist back then, but not all doctors were familiar with it. I was lucky enough to finally get it with my last baby, and it did help. Not the miracle I'd hoped for, but definitely better than the others you mentioned. HG treatment has come a long way, and a proactive approach is the best defense these days.

I hope another pregnancy is a reality very soon for you. Definitely check into the Preparation and TTC forums, as they'll give you lots of information and encouragement. And support--you are NOT crazy in the least. :) I tend to think of my curly-headed little monster baby #3 as the grandest experiment we ever undertook. Thanks for the intro, and we'll see you in the 1st Trimester forum soon.

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