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Postby Lal_2bmommyof2 » Jun 14, 2004 4:57 pm

Hi, my name is Laura and I'm a 32 year old stay at home mom of a 5 1/2 yr old boy and am 14 wks pregnant with my second child. I too suffered from HG with my first pregnancy from about 4 or 5 weeks well into my fifth month. I was hospitalized about five times for dehydration and put on IV's and sent home with Phenergan which helped a little. I started out at 145 lbs. and went down to 115 within the first couple of months. I looked and felt like I was dying. I couldn't eat or hold down ANYTHING, not even water. I lived in the bathroom. Taking the Phenergan made the nausea more tolerable, but didn't completely take it away. It made me VERY drowsy so I spent most of my time asleep. I also suffer from allergies and being pregnant seemed to aggravate them. I think some of my nausea came from that too, but none of the allergy meds I was allowed to take helped. I was about five months pregnant the last time I was hospitalized for the HG. I still felt nauseous after that and threw up from time to time, but nothing like those first months. I ended up gaining a total of about 34 lbs. which was nine pounds over my prepregnant weight. I carried to term and delivered a seven lb. 5 oz. baby boy.
My second pregnancy was worse. I still couldn't hold anything down and my allergies were at their worst. My nostrils literally swelled shut and I had to sleep with my mouth open in order to breathe. I was hospitalized once for dehydration and put on an IV. That is when I found out that I was carrying twins. I lost quite a bit of weight too although I can't remember exactly how much. Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks.
This is my third and last pregnancy. I have suffered from HG again although thankfully to nowhere near the degree of sickness as with my other pregnancies. It was at around 4 1/2 to 5 wks that I started feeling queasy and throwing up at least four times a day. I constantly felt nauseous and the thought of eating ANYTHING would send me running for the bathroom. I was put on Phenergan (25mg) again after visiting the ER at 7wks because I hadn't held anything down for four days. I had only lost 6lbs at this point. I think the worst of it this time lasted up until my 12th week. It was a whole lot harder this time because I have my son to take care of and on some days I couldn't even take care of myself.
I think that a lot of people do mistake this for "regular morning sickness", but no one except those of us who has suffered through it know different. Sometimes the well meaning advice from loved ones who tell us to "eat crackers" or "eat small meals" leaves us feeling misunderstood and very alone. I for one, felt very alone and depressed to some degree. I felt isolated from my loved ones and sometimes felt like I was a burden to whoever had to care for me. I felt helpless and angry and frustrated because there was little I could do to help myself or make this horrible feeling go away. I'm ashamed to say that at several times, I contemplated terminating this pregnancy because I couldn't see myself spending another day wasting away in my dark bedroom, but I couldn't live with that so I decided to wait it out. Now at 14 weeks, I think that I can say that I am starting to feel somewhat human again and slowly but surely resuming the daily activities that not so long ago seemed impossible, like folding laundry or bathing. I still have the constant nauseous feeling, but the Phenergan calms it down enough to allow me to eat a little at a time. There are still some days when I have to will myself not to throw up what little I've eaten, but I close my mouth real tight, think about the little life growing inside me and tell myself that this, like everything else, in time will pass. My boyfriend is a God send and does everything that he can to help ease my suffering and make it better, but I know that, at least in my mind, there's nothing like someone who has actually gone through it to completely understand you. If I can be of any help to anyone, please feel free to contact me :)
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Postby PamelaRose » Jun 14, 2004 8:56 pm

Hi, Laura, and welcome! I'm so glad you found us, and I even gave you your own little corner of the world here. :)

Congratulations on the new pregnancy, and I hope HG continues to ease up for you. I'm so sorry about the loss of your twins--I'm sure that was devastating. :( It's great that your illness has been less severe this time around, and the fact that you can somewhat control the vomiting now is a good sign that you're beginning to come out of it. You may want to try adding a partner to the Phenergan--if you're still so nauseated and sometimes vomiting, it's not doing enough. Many women here find Unisom or meclizine helpful as pairings, though I'm wondering if Benedryl might not work and also help out with those allergies? If you go to the 2nd Trimester forum, ask about dosages. Balissa, who's a moderator here, used Benedryl successfully with her pregnancies.

Best wishes for a smooth pregnancy from here on out! If you're interested in having your name added to my state-by-state buddy list and volunteering to help support others during HG, let me know. If you'd like a buddy for yourself through the rest of your pregnancy, I can hook you up!

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Postby Ivydragon » Jun 17, 2004 12:13 am

Hi Laura, Congratulations on your pg! I, too, am so sorry for your loss.

Your experiences are so familiar. A good majority of HGers have considered termination, or hoped to miscarry. The misery is so extreme. The lonliness I think is one of the hardest things in HG. I remember lying on my couch watching time tick by so slowly in a house so quiet I could hear the wind move things outside. I always remember the house I was living is as sheltered and quiet. Almost like I was in a womb I had no choice but to inhabit.

I, too, came out of most of the HG with both of my pgs, and felt normal by 20 wks as long as I stayed on my meds. B6/Unisom my first pg, Zofran/B6/Unisom my 2nd. I still was so careful with energy, what I ate, and activity levels. I was terrified of relapsing. I did have a lot of time on my hands, though. I couldn't keep up with anything but very basic things, but I could feed and clothe my son once I hit about wk 14. I was still weak, but gradually was more well. I took the time daily to read to my son, sit outside with him as long as I could stand to, watch him play cars and cuddle. We watched videos and enjoyed the time we had together. I have fond memories of parts of my 2nd pg because I took the time to interact with my son while he was still my only child. It brought me such joy not to be 100% alone like in my 1st pg.

Not being able to keep water down is such an HG thing. We do so much better w/ slushy anything but water!

Make yourself at home in the 2nd trimester folder. Recovery, as you know, takes time and patience, and looking at small achievements is the best way to keep an even head on your shoulders in the end. You'll receive great support there.

Huge hugs, Andy
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