New - 8 wks along w/ #2 and nausea has started ...

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New - 8 wks along w/ #2 and nausea has started ...

Postby Jane » Jun 13, 2004 6:48 pm


I'm new to the board. I'm 32 and going on 8 wks w/ my 2nd pregnancy. I started gagging last night (dry heaves was how it started w/ my first pregnancy), and am very anxious and scared of full-blown HG this pregnancy. I'm also Type I diabetic and on an insulin pump, which is not related to the HG. It's just another pain in the neck to deal with.

Pregnancy with my 20-mo. old was hell. I threw up from 9 wks. until the day she was born. I was in the hospital 2x for several days each from the HG. At about 13 wks., I was put on drugs and after trial and error, found Vistaril to work best for me. I didn't lose weight. In fact, I gained a lot. But even w/ the Vistaril, I threw up 1-4 times/day, and felt nauseated most of the time. I worked throught the pregnancy. It's amazing I kept my job - I wasn't the best employee then. It seemed totally unrelated to what foods I ate or smells. It had a life of its own.

I had a brilliant daughter and wonderful recovery from my c-section. I actually credit the hg w/ my recovery - I was so excited not to be throwing up and to be able to walk a block w/out sitting down half-way to rest! I tried again and am blessed w/ this pregnancy.

But I know how cursed I felt last time. Now, I know the importance of keeping my work at a higher quality than last time. I have more responsibilities at home. When I found out I was pg, I invoked all my will power in an effort to ward off the HG. I'm still hoping I just get a bit of normal morning sickness for a few weeks. But now that I've started gagging, I'm getting emotionally prepared - which for today, involves being scared to death.

I'm interviewing OB's this week. (Moved states since last pgy.) I plan to ask about their thoughts on treating HG, whether they'd intervene early w/ the vistaril, recommend alternative treatments, etc. I'm thinking about trying to manage some of it w/ diet - i.e., not eating things that are so bad coming up, more protein (which seems to make me feel a bit better), less acidic stuff. Last time, I just went nuts w/ anything I craved, some of which felt awful coming up and in retrospect, may have made me sicker. Last time, I didn't have any support from others who had HG. This time, I'd like some.

If anyone has tips, thoughts, encouragement, I welcome it. Frankly, I hope that I never feel nausea again and forget about this board completely in 2 days. But, hope might just not cut it. So I'm glad this board is here.

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Postby mammaclare » Jun 13, 2004 9:41 pm

Welcome and congratulations on your new pregnancy!

The main thing I wanted to add is that if HG does come flying in on a broomstick to ruin your day, please DON'T think it was because you failed at "willing" it away. As much as we would all like to have control over the condition, you simply don't. You do have control over how you deal wiht it, but HG is not a character flaw.

So, I also hope we don't see you back (and only because that would mean HG didn't come at you!--I am not trying to be rude!)...but come here 10 times a day if you need to.

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Postby PamelaRose » Jun 14, 2004 12:28 am

Hi, Jane, and welcome. Congratulations on the new pregnancy!

To understand how HG will progress for you, you have to look at how it went the first time. Each woman has a slightly different pattern, and each pregnancy will differ, too. If you were able to function for a bit after the gaggy feeling started last time, you may now. For me and many others, there was a quick decline after that first day spent on the edge of vomiting, and for that reason I'm a bit nervous about you waiting until this week to ask a new OB about early intervention--you may be beyond that point very quickly! You also mentioned alternative treatments. Many HGers have had success with different options (check the Alternative Healing Forum), but most find that beginning treatment before HG sets in to be most beneficial. HG tends to get worse and worse with each pregnancy, so you may not even have the kind of time you had with your first child before HG set in. Not trying to scare you, just urging you to think ahead to the next skirmish of the HG battle!

The most important things to consider initially are hydration and first-line meds. Drink as much as you possibly can while you can, and stock up on different kinds of beverages to make it easier to sip when HG kicks in. Many women here start B6 pre-conception, and after the positive test they up their B6 and add Unisom. Zofran is often added at the first hint of vomiting, and from there it goes. If Vistaril worked last time, try it right away this time. You mentioned that you had lingering vomiting last time; I found myself still vomiting after Zofran (but definitely feeling better), and adding meclizine helped that. Many women combine meds to get best effect; you can get lots of great ideas in the 1st Trimester Forum,

You mentioned that HG seems to have "a life of its own." Definitely! I always had the notion that if I could just stop vomiting, I'd be ok. Good meds made that a reality with my last pregnancy, yet I still found myself dehydrating and dropping 3 pounds per day despite eating more than I'd been able to in my other 3 pregnancies combined. Daily fluids stopped that weight loss, but it was a huge wake-up call to me that HG is so much bigger than just the stomach! It truly affects every facet of health. You can try to control it with diet, but quite honestly, the route you followed last time--if it sounds good, eat it--often is most successful. Pay attention to your cravings, because they tell you what has the best chance of staying down. Carbohydrates and proteins seem to be good choices for most ladies, in fact. You'll find pretty strong aversions to foods you didn't tolerate last time--the old memories come flooding back and you'll question every bite you try to eat. Again, have lots of options in the house for when those cravings hit!

Best Wishes to you this time around, and I hope HG is mild. I look forward to following your progress in the 1st Trimester forum and beyond!

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