The Differences Between Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

We’ve complied a chart that differentiates between morning sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

Morning Sickness Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)
You lose little if any weight. You lose 5-20 pounds or more. (> 5% of prepregnancy
Nausea and vomiting do not interfere with your ability
to eat or drink enough each day.
Nausea and vomiting cause you to eat very little and get
dehydrated from vomiting if not treated.
You vomit infrequently and the nausea is episodic but
not severe. It may cause discomfort and misery.
You vomit often and may vomit bile or blood if not treated.
Nausea is usually moderate to severe and constant.
Dietary and/or lifestyle changes are enough to help you
feel better most of the time.
You will probably require fluid hydration through a vein
and/or medications to stop the vomiting.
You typically will improve gradually after the first trimester,
but may be a little queasy at times during the remainder of your pregnancy.
You usually feel somewhat better by mid-pregnancy, but
you may continue to be nauseous and/or vomit until late pregnancy.
You will be able to work most days and care for your family. You will likely be unable to work for weeks or months,
and may need help caring for yourself.
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18 thoughts on “The Differences Between Morning Sickness and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

  1. I am currently 12w4d and my Hg is at its worse. I have lost 33 lbs and can rarely get out bed. My doctor keeps prescribing Zofran and Fenegan suppositories but nothing works. I was hospitalized last week and they also gave me these meds and they didn’t work then. This is my 2nd pregnancy like this and no one else in my family has went through this. I feel alone and worthless. My husband does all he can to help. On top of the Hg I also have hypersalivation. So I have to constantly spit and I am embarrassed to go out in public. Sometimes I want to cry but due to dehydration I don’t even have tears. I really need help on how to cope with this.

    • Latoya, We would like to set you up with a volunteer in the area…please email so we can find someone to provide you with emotional support and understanding. We understand what you are enduring and want to help you! Take care, HER Response Team

  2. I am the husband of a third time severe HG wife. We so appreciate our children because we went through so much to have them. It is depressing and zaps the joy out of the whole experience BUT the end result is worth it. I wanted to write and say thank you for educating people. Could we please start with doctors? Because we are travelling on business, we are out of town and do not have the insurance provider in our town which requires us to go to the Emergency Room to get meds refilled. The ER doctor here in Michigan did not even know about HG!!!! My wife had to spend two hours educating the DOCTOR! Can we please start by educating these lousy doctors?

    • David, We completely agree with you and we are working to better educated doctors on HG. So sorry your wife is having to deal with HG again! Please know that we are here to help and can have you connect with a local volunteer in your area. If at any time you need us please email We encourage you to tell the doctors to visit our site, which has the latest research studies and treatments available. Again, please contact us if you need anything. We are working everyday to raise awareness, educate and provide research funding for HG moms everywhere! Thanks for being a advocate for good health care for your wife!

  3. Hello i just found this website im 22 and on my third pregnancy at just 8weeks the HG is starting again in my previous pregnancies i lost over 25 pounds and was hospitalized for up to a week at a time. Still there it all My husband of almost five years does not understand He swears im.complaining or just making this up in my mind. Now impregnated with twins and i fear the worst i know HG is coming back i cant eat or drink anything i need help and support I dont know what to do Im scared and confused

  4. I feel much better to know that their is an organization out there specifically for HG. People think I’m exaggerating my morning sickness and no one seems to understand how severe my HG is. I was recently hospitalized for a week with DVT, luckily I admitted myself when I seem the signs of my body not feeling right. I believe that HG is what caused my clots along with pregnancy and other hormonal changes. I remember being around five weeks and was having severe morning sickness from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed. I was basically vomiting out everything I ate or drank. I talked to my OB and they have me on Reglan, but I feel that it’s not helping anymore. I am now 14 weeks and is on blood thinners until I deliver, I feel so lost. I hope that I can get in touch with someone from the HER foundation. Thanks for listening.

    • Saron,
      So glad you contacted us and we are here to offer you support and understanding. Please email she is a nurse and has helped hundreds, if not thousands of HG women.

      We can also put you in touch with a volunteer in your area. Let Kimber know you would like to be put in touch with a volunteer in our area and she will make sure she gets the info to the appropriate person.

      Take care,
      HER Support Team

  5. I am 6 1/2 weeks in and have lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks. I’ve had a previous miscarriage due to this condition and at this time am in the midst of losing my job for excessive absence. I can’t hold anything down, except for on occasion a small cup of cranberry juice mixed with water. I wanna thank you for your website. My heart goes out to all the suffering women, for I know first hand it’s that the word “sick” is such an understatement it feels like an insult and feeling better feels like it’s a zillion miles away. Although this pregnancy is filled with obstacles, I keep my chin up because the end result is well worth it and I thank you and all these wonderful strong women for pushing me a little farther each day.


    • Gabby, Thanks for your comment and please know we are here to help you at any time, please email us at if you should need further support or would like to be connected with a HER Volunteer in the area. Take care and stay strong!

  6. Hi Im Currently 15 weeks pregnant and suffering badly with Hg, having been in hospital 3 times on a drip and a 22lb weight loss, It has really taken over my life ive been out of work for 2 months and due back end of this month any tips on curbing the sickness just a little?

  7. I am currently wondering if I am suffering from this. I am definitely going to talk to my doctor on my next appointment!!! I have been horribly ill since about 6 weeks. By the end of my sixth week I went to the emergency room because I couldn’t keep anything down. I was prescribed an anti-nausea medicine but I have had to take it regularly since then. (it was may) Everyone keeps telling me I should start feeling better but I’m simply not. I’m just exhausted and sick all the time…

    • Sierra, So sorry you have been so sick. I would call your OBGYN and ask him/her if you could come in early for your appointment to see if you can discuss the possibility of having HG. If so, it is important to get ahead of HG before it gets worse and there are proactive treatments available. Call you OBGYN and see what they say. Take care and know we are here to help. Email us any time at if you have any other concerns or questions. Take care! HER First Response Team

  8. Hi I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and suffering from HG. Was admitted to hospital for 5 days on drip. This really something i would not wish on any woman. I battle to eat and im therefor constantly hungry, fatigue has got the better of me. I am back at work now but battling to concentrate, i have no idea where all my energy has gone too. I just hope it lasts only for the 1st trimester. Dont know how much more i can take.



    • Christel, We are here to help you. So if you need anything please contact us at and someone will get back to you quickly. We have HER volunteers in your area who understand what you are enduring and can help. You are not alone!

      Take care,
      HER Team

  9. I am so thankful for “Her Foundation!!!” Finally, finally, I can know that I really was NOT exaggerating my condition during my 3 pregnancies. Some around me would not believe that I was really “that bad off.” But, as hard as I tried, I could not improve my condition! I am 63 today, and I still remember those months vividly! Also, I have walked with my daughter during her two HG pregnancies as well. Horrible!!
    Thank you for your work and research. I consider it a privilege to work with you any possible way I can.
    Angie Tilley (Atlanta, GA)

    • Thank you Angie! Your email put a smile on all of our faces at the HER Foundation. We will not stop until we have answers and will keep fighting for you and your daughter to find a cause and cure! HG women deserve better treatment around the world.

      Take care,
      Ann Marie

    • I cried reading this.
      I went through HG in 2003 and again a few years later and it still pains me to think how neglected and abandoned I felt. I felt misunderstood and told to eat a cracker despite the fact that I couldn’t even sip some water without fear.

      I’m so glad you created this website so others suffering at least know they aren’t going crazy.

      This fantabulous website is likely to at least reduce depression and anxiety for many women around the world knowing they aren’t alone.

      God bless you all for contributing.