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Fundraiser Spotlight: HG: Pregnancy 101 for TougHGirls!
Read about Andria’s successful event with puke bucket games and raffles.
In May 2016, Andria and her chapter of a national fraternal society held a fundraiser spotlighting Hyperemesis Gravidarum research and education, benefiting H.E.R. Foundation. There was a $10 minimum donation for entry into the fundraiser.

Andria presented a short program on HG including: (1) the general background and history of HG; (2) an overview of HG and the current research; and (3) her personal story… The presentation also included what Andria called the “Saltine Cracker Experiment”.

Each guest received a baggie with a saltine, Dixie cup and tissue, and they had to chew the cracker without swallowing until it was completely broken down (using the cup to dispose of the cracker). The goal was to mimic the horrible tastes in an HG sufferers’ mouth and/or the excessive saliva experienced with HG.

To add a little levity to the seriousness of the topic, after the presentation, guests were invited to play games. But, the games were a take on the proverbial puke bucket, including Bucket Ball (basketball), Bucket Putt Putt, Pin the Tail on the Pail and The Bucket List (where guests had to match HG-related words and their definitions to see if they were listening ;-)).

Also, guests were served a play on the foods Andria could eat (if she could eat at all), like peach cobbler instead of diced peaches, deviled eggs instead of bland boiled eggs, Ramen Noodle salad instead of plain Ramen noodles, and popcorn.

The fundraiser was rounded out with a raffle for prizes including gifts cards for movies, shopping, a visit to a science museum and a coffee/chocolate gift set.

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