LaLanne’s Thoughts

“Making the journey across country to meet my fellow HG survivors was something I had to do. Hearing similar survival stories from other HG moms and their supportive HG dads was healing for my soul. Someone FINALLY understood the suffering I endured to have my children. It was quite an emotional day for both my husband and I, we finally felt like we weren’t alone. We were happy to have made new friends at the HER 5k and we intend to continue to help those suffering from HG in anyway we can. We look forward to another HER reunion at next year’s HER 5K.”

– Maribel LaLanne


“The HER5K goes far beyond the race. This community event is a gathering of brave, strong survivors that come together each year in an amazing display of emotional and spiritual support for one another. As an HG “Dad”, this annual event has become very important to our entire family. On the run, we passed by a HG mom being pushed in a wheelchair. It made me choke up because that was us too. I pushed Maribel around in both pregnancies. The struggle for her to get around, while suffering from HG and preterm labor was difficult, so we relayed on the wheelchair for transportation. I saw myself in that HG Dad.

We feel blessed to belong to such an outstanding organization. Many thanks to the HER5K event volunteers that make it happen. We look forward to seeing you all and making new friends next year!”

– Chris LaLanne