Introducing the 1st HG Care app!!

UCLA Health is partnering with HER on the first HG app. It will release around September 1 for user testing and we need your help! It will only take about 5 minutes to input your symptoms and food/fluids each day. You must be pregnant, sick with nausea/vomiting, using an iPhone and apps, and speak English. See the full details below. If you don’t qualify, or are not currently pregnant, you can help by sharing this with your friends and on social media. If you are interested in trying out our new HG Care app, please contact Dr. Marlena Fejzo immediately at mfejzo @
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We need 200 women to make this successful! If we don’t get enough users, the app may not be completed so please help us find women to participate as soon as possible.

1. Tech Savvy Mom (just be familiar with using apps),
2. Use an iPhone,
3. Speak English (doctor and patient),
4. Have more severe pregnancy nausea/vomiting being treated during the month of September, and
5. Visit a doc who will answer a simple 3 question survey and review the summary data from the app.

See the preliminary demo:

You will be one of the first to try out the HG Care app on your iPhone! If you are currently suffering from nausea and vomiting of pregnancy and are interested in trying out our new HG Care app, please contact Dr. Fejzo at

• You will be asked to download the App on your phone,
• Use the App daily for a minimum of the 7 days prior to your next OB visit. (About 5 minutes daily.)
• Print 2 copies of the report (insight page of the App) within 24 hours prior to the next OB visit.
• We ask you and your OB/Provider to fill out and sign the App success survey, a simple 3-question survey at the bottom of the printed report page of the App.
• We ask you to return the signed survey answers via scan/email.

Please note: this is a research study and participation is voluntary. Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect the treatment you are currently receiving nor your relationship with your healthcare provider.

Thank you!

Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, PhD
Associate Researcher, UCLA
Kimber MacGibbon, RN
Director, HER Foundation

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