The HG CARE APP is available!!!

After three years of hard work by HER Foundation and UCLA Health, we celebrate the official public release of the first HG Care iOS app! Now women can track their symptoms and treatments to find out what’s working. Plus they can easily share insights into their progress with family and health professionals. The app is free. Remember if it makes you ill to use your phone, just have family input your data.

DOWNLOAD the app:

Join us in celebrating this monumental effort and appreciating UCLA’s investment in this app! Thank you UCLA for your dedication to this important project!! As an aside, most of those working on this app had firsthand experience with HG which makes this even more special!

Android users: If we get excellent response and confirm it helps improve care, we will hopefully be able to develop an Android version. So watch social media for more info and encourage moms to participate in our upcoming research on the app.

HG Care by UCLA Health & HER Foundation

See a demo of the first trial version of the app (an updated video will be created soon):

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