Join the Movement on #GivingTuesday!

Thank you for your past support of HER Foundation. Please consider giving again this year to support our exciting new projects that will help even more families globally! Help us launch #GivingTuesday with a bang. Feel good in knowing that you are part of a world-wide movement, working to raise awareness for philanthropy, especially as we gear up for 2020.

5 Ways you can help
  1. Make a contribution to HER Foundation.
  2. Post a note or picture on your social media pages and tag our Facebook or Instagram (@HGmoms) account.
  3. Share an #unselfie that says why you support us! The social sharing will help broaden awareness for our cause. (Printable/sharable sign attached.)
  4. Get your donation MATCHED on Facebook on December 3rd EXACTLY at 8 am EST!
  5. Create a fundraiser on Facebook to engage friends and family.

I am HER!

You are HER!

We are HER!

Together, we are changing
the future for the next generation!

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