Jessica’s Story of Loss

They say when you see those two little lines on your home pregnancy test, your life is forever changed. As I wrestled my 9 month old into his pj’s I can say this is very true. However, sometimes life changes in ways we couldn’t imagine. When you see those two lines you start picturing the future filled with happy moments, you don’t imagine sadness and loss.

You probably heard the statistics, 1 in 3 HG pregnancies ends in a loss, but from personal experience, I can say that means little until you join the 1 in 3.

I had been tracking my cycles for a while when my husband and I started trying to conceive. After 14 days of high temps and a gut feeling, I awoke early one morning and took a test. As the two lines appeared, all my cute Pinterested ideas for sharing the news with your spouse disappeared, as I ran through the house screaming, “Look, look, there are TWO lines!!!!!” It was a joyous moment, one to remember forever.

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I had a niggle – #HERstory Guest Blog by Emma Paget

I had a niggle*. A niggle that remained after all plausible causes for my bouts of sickness and fatigue were eliminated and two whizzy sticks later the niggle was confirmed. There was a bundle of joy! I was brought to my knees – in the bathroom. Repeatedly!

“Morning sickness is part of the pregnancy!”

“It won’t last. Once you hit 3 months, it’ll go”

So I persevered. I met my midwife. I didn’t think to tell her that I was sick all the time. Brushing my teeth made me spew. My flatmate’s perfume made me spew. The smell of coffee, jerky braking on transport, moving from my bed to upright. Morning noon and night. It was relentless, exhausting, and I felt pathetic.

I thought “I’m failing at motherhood already.” Eight weeks in, and I was falling apart. Unable to get a handle on basic day to day things, perform at my job – let alone nourish my newly growing Bundle. But this is normal right? Just the untold aspect of morning sickness surely? I needed to pull myself together.

HERstory_BlogContest final emma

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An interview with HG author, advocate and survivor, Ashli Foshee McCall

chronicles-book-lrgThe HER Foundation and Ashli Foshee McCall are like old friends — they go way back and have been working together to help HG women around the globe. For many years, Ashli has donated her books to the HER Foundation to help us raise money for awareness, education and research. Ashli has just released a new book, “The Chronicles of Nausea.” A diary of her successful battle with HG in her fourth and most difficult pregnancy, “Chronicles” is an inspiring “must read” for all women coping with the disease. The HER Foundation thanks Ashli for her continued support for HG women and the HER Foundation. We recently asked her a few questions about HG and her books.
Purchase any of Ashli’s books here.
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A letter from Dr. Marlena Fejzo, Harvard PhD, HG research scientist and HG survivor

mfejzoDr. Marlena Fejzo wants to share her story with you about HG and share why she is so dedicated to the cause. She is grateful for the help of the HER Foundation over the past few years in helping fund and recruit participants for her research. Dr. Fejzo is truly one of the leading researchers in the world for HG. Her letter is to all HG women and their families who have endured the challenges of HG in pregnancy and how it has affected their lives.

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Rare Disorder Turns Pregnancy Into Nightmare

video-rare-disorderThanks to Angela and Justin Phelps of the Lansing Michigan area for sharing their story of HG with their local FOX affiliate, WLIX! You both did a great job and have helped raise awareness for HG! We also want to thank Dr. Robert Seiler for his words about HG as well. Raising public awareness is vital to the cause and we truly appreciate your efforts. A special thanks to the reporter, Caroline Vandergriff for mentioning the HER Foundation’s continuous efforts in raising awareness, education and research for HG women and placing our petition campaign on the FOX website. Little Nina is precious and an HG survivor just like her mommy!

NFL wife, Amanda Tynes, joins forces with the HER Foundation to raise awareness for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

tynesAmanda Tynes is a two time survivor of HG and the wife of the NY Giants kicker and SuperBowl Champion, Lawrence Tynes. “I am excited to add my voice and personal story with HG to the HER Foundation’s mission of increasing awareness and procuring funding for education and research. HG is a terrible disease that very few doctors or nurses seem to understand. Pregnant women around the world are suffering every minute of everyday with no answers or help to get them through their pregnancies. HG needs to be researched and studied by the medical community so these women don’t feel alone and helpless to a condition they cannot control. No more lives need to be lost because of the lack of research of this horrific disease” said Tynes. “We are thrilled to have Amanda on board with us to help raise awareness, research and education funding for HG. Amanda’s story is one that many HG women will identify with and we know Amanda’s passion for making a difference for HG women around the world will truly help our efforts,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation. As part of celebrating the first annual world awareness day on May 15th, this year Amanda and her husband signed the HER Foundation petition asking the United States government to start funding HG research. In the months ahead Amanda will join with founders of the HER Foundation in meeting with government officials and medical associations to discuss HG and its effects on women around the globe.
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