Be a Voice with the Media

You can raise awareness about HG by sharing your story! Local media outlets are always interested in good human interest pieces, and you have a story to tell as an HG survivor! 

How do I do this?
  1. Contact the media in your area: television, radio, and newspapers.
  2. Prepare for your interview.
  3. Share your interview with the HER Foundation, so we can feature you on our social! Together, we are changing the future for the next generation.

Contact the media in your area with a phone call, email, or letter. When emailing media outlets, include 2-3 sentences about your HG experience and attach the press release. 

Sample Email

Dear [name of Public Relations Director or News Director]:

May 15 is International HG Awareness Day, and I am reaching out to offer my story.

I have had Hyperemesis Gravidarum ___ times and have ___ children. Many HG moms struggle to get medical care because HG is misunderstood and thought to be the same as morning sickness. It is not. My medical care included _______________. It was an isolating, scary, and traumatic experience [or what three descriptors would fit your experience].

Sharing with your readers (or viewers) would allow us to educate and bring awareness to this disease. Thank you for your consideration.



If you are asked to provide an interview, please let us know, so we can help you with facts, talking points, resources, and practice presenting on HG and the HER Foundation. Know your audience to frame your story. How much time will you have, so you can select the most important points to include. For example, don’t spend time talking about how you came up with your child’s name. Stay on relevant discussion points. Be sure to have HER brochures and resources to give to the reporter.


There are many different ways to be a voice with the media. Some HG moms have even written and submitted unsolicited articles that were published. (The HER HG Awareness Day logo is used with permission in this article.)

HG is more than what you see: it is #HERstory, YOUR story.


I am HER! You are HER! We are HER!

Believe in HER!

Together, we are an changing
the future for the next generation!