2015 Happy New Year!


thank-you-volunteersThe HER Foundation would like to thank all of our volunteers, supporters and donors in 2014! More research is being done on HG in the world today than has ever been done in history! This is because of your support and adding your voices to the cause! A special virtual hug to all of our volunteers who make the HER Foundation what it is and to the donors who keep us going. To HG moms everywhere please know you are not alone and we are here to help you!

2nd Annual HG Awareness Day 2013 to be officially recognized!

world-day-2013bHER has exciting news…..May 15, 2013 will be recognized by Chase’s Calendar of events as the official HG Awareness Day! Chase’s Calendar has been the world’s datebook for more than 50 years. Chase’s Calendar of Events 2013 will be published in September of 2012 and will list May 15th as the official HG Awareness Day! Chase’s Calendar of Events is the most comprehensive and authoritative reference available on special events, worldwide holidays and festivals, civic observances, historic anniversaries, famous birthdays and much more. We have finally made the record books thanks to your support! This is one BIG step for HG awareness worldwide.

NFL wife, Amanda Tynes, joins forces with the HER Foundation to raise awareness for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

tynesAmanda Tynes is a two time survivor of HG and the wife of the NY Giants kicker and SuperBowl Champion, Lawrence Tynes. “I am excited to add my voice and personal story with HG to the HER Foundation’s mission of increasing awareness and procuring funding for education and research. HG is a terrible disease that very few doctors or nurses seem to understand. Pregnant women around the world are suffering every minute of everyday with no answers or help to get them through their pregnancies. HG needs to be researched and studied by the medical community so these women don’t feel alone and helpless to a condition they cannot control. No more lives need to be lost because of the lack of research of this horrific disease” said Tynes. “We are thrilled to have Amanda on board with us to help raise awareness, research and education funding for HG. Amanda’s story is one that many HG women will identify with and we know Amanda’s passion for making a difference for HG women around the world will truly help our efforts,” said Ann Marie King, Co-Founder of the HER Foundation. As part of celebrating the first annual world awareness day on May 15th, this year Amanda and her husband signed the HER Foundation petition asking the United States government to start funding HG research. In the months ahead Amanda will join with founders of the HER Foundation in meeting with government officials and medical associations to discuss HG and its effects on women around the globe.
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Congratulations to Mel Burdett for being the top recruiter for our holiday research campaign!

Mel will receive a $200 gift card from Amazon thanks to her recruiting skills! Way to go Mel, thanks to your efforts and that of your friends the HER Foundation and USC/UCLA are closer to reaching thier research goal! We are looking for both HG and non-HG mom’s to be a part of the study, so please email nvpstudy@usc.edu to join, it truly is the most important thing you can do to make a difference for HG moms in the future!