Ann Marie’s Speech

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE TODAY FOR THE 2ND ANNUAL HER5K…we are here today to raise awareness for HG(Hyperemesis Gravidarum) a debilitating pregnancy condition that leaves the moms to be unable to care for themselves, taking numerous amounts of drugs and enourmous medical bills. PREGNANCY should not be an ILLNESS…it should be a JOYFUL TIME in a woman’s life…a day even as little girls we dream of…HG turns pregnancy into a nightmare..there are no midnight cravings, actually no cravings at all…no pickles and ice cream…instead..IV’s, bruised arms and in some cases feeding tubes to maintain the life of the mother and child. How is this still okay in our medically advanced world? Why has very little research been done by governments and the medical community? How has the life of a mother and child become less of a priority in our world? Some say HG last only 9 months and you know there is an end…but HG lasts a lifetime…just ask any HG mom here today…how has HG changed your life and she will tell you. HG is 85% likley to return in subsequent pregnancies, causing many woman to reduce their family size or have no more children at all. HG takes its toll on us emotionally and women will continue to have flashbacks that awaken them in the middle of the night and sadly HG causes 1 out of 5 pregnancies to be terminated…wanted pregnancies terminated because of the lack of medical understanding and support. This is why the HER Foundation was created over 10 years ago, to let HG women know they are not alone, they are not crazy but what they have is real and we can help them through it.

Today we have over 500 volunteers worldwide in 15 countries to offer support to their HG sisters…to let them know we understand, although their family and friends may have turned on them in their time of need, the HER Foundation will take their hand and hold it tightly and say we can do this…together.

To all the HG moms here today I thank you for letting us hold your hand and ask you to continue to hold the hands of future HG sisters!