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The HER Foundation has been overwhelmed with the response we have received for the 2nd Annual HG Awareness Day (May 15th) evidenced by 400% more visitors to the HER website the past week, as well as the most widespread reach ever on Facebook and Twitter.

We received great support from some of our partners and supporters. We’re grateful to HG moms across the globe who shared powerful personal stories in social media today, and to all who took action to educate and advocate.

Please join us in a special round of applause for Million Moms Challenge, Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show and NBC News, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor and ob/gyn Dr. Jennifer Ashton, blogger and freelance writer Hayley Krischer (, The New York Times), Pregnancy Editor Robin Weiss, the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB), Beyond Morning Sickness and Pregnancy Sickness Support (Hyperemesis) UK for helping to raise the profile of HG Awareness Day. Last but not least, our gratitude to Governor Dennis Daugaard for signing a state proclamation recognizing the impact of HG and declaring an official observance of HG Awareness Day in South Dakota. We appreciate your continued support as we work to fund urgently-needed research, outreach, and education.

First Annual HER 5K a Huge Success!

If that was not enough to get you excited about what is happening with HG awareness….our 1st annual HER5K Run/Walk which took place on Mother’s Day, May 12th at the National Harbor attracted hundred of runners including dozens of HG survivors from around the country. We dedicated the HER5K to those who are currently suffering through HG to let them know we are there to support them and show them there is hope and they will get better and hopefully they will join us next year for our 2nd HER5K. It was wonderful to meet so many HG survivors, supporters and friends. There were tears shed, lots of hugs and many new friendships made. HG sisters are truly the best support system out there for HG. The end of the race was celebrated with all HG moms and children with a celebratory cupcake to remind us that we could eat again and to appreciate every bite! Meeting so many of the children of HG moms was truly special and to see their beautiful faces and know how much their mommy fought for them. We can’t forget the HG dads, grandmas, grandpas and friends in attendance who all knew too well what their loved one had endured to bring their baby/babies into the world. TheHER5K was celebrated not only in the United States but also in Germany, Canada, Australia and the UK thanks to our “virtual run” option that so many people loved. We do hope we can count on seeing everyone again next year and see new faces to welcome into our community of HG families.

Together we are heard, alone we are silent! We are HG sisters and we will not stop fighting until we have answers and better medical treatment!


    • So glad you plan to make the trip. The 5K will be held in the D.C. area again, but we will still have the virtual run for those who can’t attend. We look forward to seeing you there and will have more information coming out on the date and race location in the D.C. area coming out soon. We will announce on Facebook, so please be sure and make sure you Like Us on Facebook to stay informed!

  1. A wonderful event at the National Harbor on mother’s day! I cannot believe that I was surrounded by so many women and their families that have gone through hyperemesis gravadarium. I am a 21year survior! I am ready to talk and support anyone that has this condition. It was something that I will never forget, because back then this pregnancy condition was unknown. AngieBarger