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If HG continued past mid-pregnancy, did you experience complications during delivery related to your poor health such as a strained ligaments/joints, pelvic floor damage, prolonged or weak pushing, fainting, low blood pressure, low pain tolerance, forceps/assisted delivery, broken bones, nerve damage, low amniotic fluid, fetal problems due to difficult delivery, etc.?


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  • Survivors of HG publish new books.
  • Fit Pregnancy MAY 2005

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To contact the HER Foundation for interviews, please email media@HelpHER.org for immediate response.

  • Dr. Marlena Fejzo, Harvard PhD is the world's leading research scientist on HG and a HER Foundation Advisory Board member. (Dr. Fejzo endured HG during her pregnancy.)
  • Dr. Aimee Brecht-Doscher is an OBGYN in the Los Angeles area who has personally been affected by HG and is a medical consultant for the HER Foundation.

  • Kimber MacGibbon is a registered nurse (RN) and has helped many hundreds of women get thru their HG pregnancies. She has an extensive understanding of HG from a medical and personal perspective from helping women since 2000. Kimber is also a co-founder of the HER Foundation. She and Dr. Fejzo have co-authored numerous studies on HG in collaboration with USC and UCLA. Kimber had HG in both of her pregnancies. Email her at kimber @HelpHER.org.
  • Jeremy King and Ann Marie King are co-founders of the HER Foundation and can offer you a husband/wife perspective of what the HG couple is enduring together. Plus Mr. King will provide you with a male perspective of the illness. He is quoted by saying years ago when wife was pregnant with child in 2002..."Calling HG morning sickness is like calling a hurricane a little bit of rain." You can email them directly at annmarie @HelpHER.org or jeremy @HelpHER.org
  • HG women in your area - Please email Ann Marie to find women around the world willing to share their stories to help raise awareness of HG. Contact annmarie @HelpHER.org

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A Royal Spotlight on a Rare Condition
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Ann Marie King, Co-founder of HER Foundation, speaks to the "CBS This Morning" about her experience with hyperemesis gravidarum and what Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is going through.
December 2012
Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Sheds Light On Rare Condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum - Live Videochat with HER Board Member, Marlena Fejzo, PhD
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Hyperemesis gravidarum: 'You just feel like you're dying'
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Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Sheds Light On Rare Condition Hyperemesis Gravidarum
December 2012
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The Passion of the Kings, HER co-founders
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Severe complications: One woman's struggle to bring a healthy baby into the world and survive
(Reno News Review, Jan. 2008)
2008 (NBC Today Show) NBC Sheds light on HG
2008 (NBC National News with Brian Williams)
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