I'm Sorry

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I'm Sorry

Postby Neil Myers Jr » Mar 12, 2006 11:00 pm

First I need to say I'm sorry! I'm sorry that there are people that don't understand what you are going though. I'm sorry that there are husbands that can't feel your pain, and tell you it can't be that bad. I'm sorry that the ones you look to for support tell you it's just normal symptoms.

There is something else you need to know. There are people out there that do know how you feel. They know the pain you feel at 5 in the morning. They know what its like to not stand to smell, the good or the bad things in the world. They also know that at the peek of there pain they wish for a miracle. They Beg for help.

I can't tell you it will be all right. I don't know the future. What I do know is there is people that can help. People you can talk to. People that care. They have been through it and are here just for you. That's a promise I can keep. If you need a husbands point of view I am here any time you need an ear.

There is a reason I posted here. It's because I want the other men to know they are not alone either. Sometimes it helps to have another dude to talk to.

Good Luck
Neil Myers Jr
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Postby Mom to Aidan & Daniel » Mar 13, 2006 2:24 am

Your post brought tears to my eyes. Thank you!
I'm one of the fortunate ones that has a very understanding husband when it comes to HG (and all else), and he was there a 5 in the morning, and 24/7, for me through the pregnancy. It made all the difference in the world.

But my heart aches for those who did/do not have that much needed support, and it is wonderful that you posted for them.

My husband, John, offers his ear to other dudes :D as well. Just pm me for his email address!

Hugs and thanks

Mom to Aidan & Daniel
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Postby m.ij05 » Mar 13, 2006 7:23 pm

Okay I'm tearing up here! My husband is great when it comes to empathy but I do belive that HG takes us to places that we never in a million years thought that we would go. I am so grateful for him and to all the others out there that help us make it through! Its awesome that you guys have a place where can talk to each other and offer support....please stay strong, we need you.
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