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Postby HelenA » Jan 28, 2008 10:23 am

Hi, I'm Helen, I'm one of your moderators here in the third tri. I have three children, Kimi, JJ & James. I had HG with all three, which were all quite close together (3 in 2½ years).

HG was worse (N&V wise) with Kimi, and was admitted to hospital twice, and continued until delivery, which was by emergency C-section due to her being transverse. The pregnancy was largely unmedicated, in that the dr's tried me on a cheap ineffective (for me anyway) anti-emetic and when that didn't work, I was told that if that didn't work, nothing would. :roll:

The N&V wasn't AS bad with JJ, but I had other complications, SPD (symphisis Pubis Dysfunction) and borderline GD. I changed dr's and got medication from the get go, and because of that I managed to escape needing a hospital stay. By 20 wks the SPD was getting bad and I needed physical therapy, and by 30 weeks I was on crutches. resulting, finally in me being induced because I couldn't walk at 39 wks.

With James I had medication right away, but it made no difference, I still ended up in hospital at 14wks needing fluids with potassium. At 28 weeks I got a chest infection and was hospitalized (with more of the good stuff IV's) and a week later at 29+2 my waters broke, I was hospitalized again, given steroids but sent home after 48 hrs as I didn't go into labour. My bag never sealed again so I was diagnosed with PPROM (prolonged premature rupturing of the membranes), I held out a further almost 4 weeks before going into pre term labor at 33+6.

If you need anything at all, just holler!

If you have msn messenger, feel free to add me, my address is blueeyedsibes@hotmail.com


Hi Everyone!

My name is Michelle (MichellevsHG) and I'm a co-moderator for 3rd Tri. I have one HGlet. She is our pride and joy!

I have experience with:
*During HG - PICC lines, ER IVs, IV & ODT zofran, reglan, benedryl, zantac, hospitalization, excessive weight-loss, insensitive Obs, monthly Perinatal visits, numerous u/s's
*NonHG pg concerns (3rd tri) - high blood pressure, PreE, 24 hr urine collection
*Labor&Delivery - induction, c-section, post-partum care

I'm always available, so please feel free to send me a PM anytime.

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