Voices of HG

Recently we asked HG women on our Facebook page to describe an HG pregnancy…here are just few of their responses….

Wendy Kuhn Egli Like the worst case of never ending food poisoning imaginable. Or simply put – hell on earth.

Mary Gilham An isolating,horrible, relentless illness that turns what should be the happiest time in your life into something ugly that makes you wish for death at your lowest point

Barbara Sammons It is pure misery and no one understands unless they have been through it as well.

Ellen Lowe McNellis The feeling of slowly being poisoned to death.

Cindy Thomas HG is where every sight, smell, and even thought makes you vomit, and you slowly waste away from non stop nausea, vomitting, dehydration, and mal nutrition

Sabrina Lovejoy HG is feeling like you are going to die every day, and nothing and no one is able to help you

Serena Ponder Food poisoning on a rocky ship, while going in circles in a spinning chair.

Kerrie O’Hare A black hole of depression and despair at the one time in life that you are supposed to be happy and excited!

Stacy Renee Like food poisoning or a severe stomach bug lasting for months causing loss of job, financial security, relationships, physical strength and mental sanity.

Amy McCann Spencer The hardest, most painful, isolated time of my life. I have to keep reminding myself I am pregnant and not dying, as that is what it feels like

Emily Martin Boland Your words bring back memories for me, I too felt completely isolated, alone, depressed and terrified. I felt no one could possibly understand, and I almost didn’t care if I died! My son will be 2 this week and while I have not forgotten that pregnancy, my life is better with him in it and the trauma and horror have faded over time. My thoughts are with you, this WILL come to an end (every moment that passes is one you never have to repeat again).

Kathleen O’Sullivan Jenne Physically and Intellectually exhausting not only for the woman but for her partner and other children.

Melisa Howarth Turns your world upside down with despair and robs you of what is supposed to be one of the most precious times in your life

Lisa-Maree Barber A living hell, constant agony with the worst sickness imaginable you almost wish you would die from it. The suffering isn’t for a couple of days like food poisoning, it lasts for endless weeks and months. The extreme dehydration makes your body feels like it’s about to shut down, your throat burns and your insides are in agony. You throw up endless blood and you are so weak you can hardly move. Nobody quite understands what you are going through and you put up with being told other people’s ‘morning sickness’ stories and being told to eat crackers when you can’t even keep water down. You feel guilty for taking strong drugs cancer paitents take while you’re pregnant but have no choice or you wouldn’t survive. It’s a constant battle for the body and mind but you get through it somehow and it all becomes worth it but you will never forget and shudder each time you think about it.

Hilary Price Campbell If morning sickness is like a rainy day, HG is a hurricane

Erica Biada Low My house certainly looks like a hurricane has hit, so I think that is a good description all around!

Elise Leighton HG is like slowly dying from a horrible, unrelenting disease without the sympathy and understanding that other diseases ‘deserve’.

Surviving HG is like winning the biggest battle of your life and receiving the most precious reward.

Lacy Carpenter Total exhaustion while you feel like your body has turned against you combined with the feeling of complete frustration because no one can understand it or help you.

Lisa Keane A living hell.

Rachael Louise something that takes pleasure away from you at such a magical time of your life

Cecilia Spellman To never wish this on another person, your worst enemy included.

Nina Marie Haugen Holmefjord Like a never ending hellish food poisoning which can be felt in every little cell of your body 24/7 for nine months.

Margaret Millan Hg is a joy sucker, sucking the life and enjoyment out of pregnancy, and turning it into your own personal nightmare which feels as if it’ll never end making you want to give up on the one one thing you tried so hard for, it simply makes you feel like nothing is worth it anymore not even life its self, hg simply makes you lose yourself

Kristina Campbell It feels like I am allergic to pregnancy with beyond morning sickness of vomiting.

Jamie Fullwood-Kramer I felt cheated, pregnancy is suppose to be the most beautiful and amazing thing a human body can do yet we spend every second of every day trying to remember why we are throwing up and missing out of the joys of pregnancy, Not to mention the fears of “is this child going to be ok?”. HG is Unexplainable to someone who’s never lived it.

Laura Foster Daniels You feel like you and your baby are slowly dying and if there is any chance that you both live through it, your baby will not have the health he or she deserved to be born with. You failed at the first and easiest part of motherhood already.

Stefanie Trudeau Reading these is very eye-opening. Not many people know much about HG, and as a doula, I feel it’s a really important subject for research and awareness! Hugs to the mamas who have made it through HG, keep spreading the word that sometimes it is NOT “just morning sickness”

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Laura Wynn Mallard Heartbreaking and destructive.

Nene Trash allergic to pregnancy… absolutely…

Jennifer Nicholson if a picture is worth a thousand words ……. the picture of a starved human dying alone from malnutrition and lack of water with the caption below saying the ultimate sacrifice.

Rachael Stella A combination of feeling famished and yet violently sick whenever food is within 50 feet of your senses, horror at the thought of what this illness could be doing to your unborn baby, feeling so pathetically weak that walking is a struggle, looking in the mirror and thinking you look anorexic instead of pregnant, crying all the time because it all seems so hopeless, and extreme frustration that no one seems to understand what you’re going through.

Charlie L Deakin Torturous hell combined with worry for you’re baby and guilt that you’re not enjoying your pregnancy like everyone expects you too.

Laura Trask Been pushed to the very edge of emotional and physical insanity with your only lifeline been the love for this child.

Naomi Guinn The most horrible, lonely, misunderstood months of my life. No one could relate except other HG survivors, no one understood (even my doctors). My body had betrayed me and I was beyond depressed.

Iona Shewan Horrendous, you go from celebrating the most amazing BFP and within a week you journey leads to the most soul destroying condition you could imagine its as if your body is rejecting pregnancy and slowly shutting down and nothing you are given helps and it affects you physically, mentally and emotionally you really just want to curl up in a ball and wake up when its over, Its painful and even more so when you have medical staff telling you ‘it’s all in your head’ or ‘you have morning sickness, you will get over it’ this is a condition that effects you and your family and will remain in your thoughts for the rest of your life.

Amanda Constable-Brown A physically and mentally agonizing illness that will change you and your family forever.

Jessica Heise Pinkard the worst food poisoning mixed with a stomach virus that lasts for 9 months.

Danielle Gordon My worst nightmare that left me wanting to die every day all day for the better part of 9 months.

Sarah Lyons Thomas Relentless suffering.

Beckie Vincent Hell on earth

Sarah Cowan Hell.

Michelle Mishi Lawrence This is not morning sickness and will not go away with ginger, or ginger related products.

KathrynandThanos Matthews HG made me feel like I was failing as both a woman and a mother.

Cathlin Sentz HG is like fighting a losing battle against nausea, starvation, loneliness, your body – and I’d do it all again.

Merrion Murgatroyd Knowing you can’t even swallow your own saliva without throwing up.

Robin Dungan Never ending motion sickness that is impossible to escape.

Eliana Smith Torture.

KatynRobert Rodriguez It feels like fighting for your life. Day upon day of misery,pain, and sickness that is never-ending. The longer it lasts the harder it becomes to remember that you are pregnant not terminally ill.

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Caroline Quinn It feels like a slow death; depression, starvation, horrendous nausea and vomiting, weight loss and hopelessness.. the rest of the world going on around you.

Lori Harris HG is the pregnancy-induced inability to eat, drink, move, read, or speak, causes non-stop vomiting, malnutrition, dehydration, isolation, dispair, and feels as if one’s digestive system is suddenly working in reverse.

LeoandHilary Lopez hyperemesis gravidarum is a living death.

Shirley Gerlich Tucker HG is a living nightmare that feels like never-ending food poisoning along with the emotional roller coaster of feeling abandoned by family and friends.

Jennifer Connelly Borcik Agree with Whitney – a vicious cycle of vomiting, dehydration, unable to keep down medicine, water, or food, severe migraines, feeling so weak you can’t move, sleep, etc.and feeling like you can’t go on.

Jenni Edwards Soul destroying, debilitating, scary and leaves you wondering “why me?”

Marjean M. Curtis The worst experience I have ever had in my entire life.

Catherine Ramos Chacon debilitating

Jude Windram Life threatening, debilitating hell

Cindy MacDougall Excruciating.

Amanda McPhillips It feels like having food poisoning and a bad hangover while riding the Gravitron at the state fair 24/7.

Amber Oliver Misery.

Matilda Aberg Like the body shutting down on me. And there is nothing to do but vomit, starve and thirst and cry in loneliness. Hopeless never ending hell of a hangover 24/7 with no cure. Physical, emotional and mental hell on earth. All at the same time.

Marcie Ross Vandenbrouck Even though I wrote a comment already… was thinking about this all some more. I felt very isolated compared to other expectant moms and like I was suffering from a terminal illness, not carrying a baby. It’s very rare that you see someone pregnant carrying an IV pole or PICC line with TPN everywhere they go, using a wheelchair, having a bed side commode to use the restroom, constantly carrying around a puke bucket or bags to dispose of it, being sponge bathed to be cleaned, having home care nurses care for you every other day or be in the hospital when not at home, and being bed bound starting at 5 weeks!! I had to register for my baby shower on-line since going out was so hard on me and I looked so abnormal—people would ask if I had cancer when I was out…nope just pregnant!!! My pregnancy was VERY difficult and unforgettable in every aspect. I can sympathize for all those that suffer from this. I also feel that you have a courage and strength that’s stronger than you realize when undergoing all this. I have been an OB nurse for 11 years, and still have not seen someone as sick as me to this day!!!

LB Sparklinclover I remember asking my husband if I was going to die after a few months of HG when I could not think straight. It is horrible, unbearable and scarring for life. I would tell a reporter that it stops women from getting pregnant again-it did with me.

Flower Wower 15 weeks in, 2nd time round, it’s worse this time and i can’t believe it worse. Can’t stand, sit, shower, breathe without vomiting…. 24/7. Sleep is only thing getting me thru. I feel like I’m dying!

Angela York Guilt that you could be harming you baby and its completely out of your control and fear that you will both die

Rowan Wood HG removes the joy from creating life; it leaves you physically and emotionally traumatised, it doesn’t relent and all the while you’re left feeling desperately lonely and terrified for your unborn child.

Rachel Ross The inability to function due to extreme nausea and other debilitating symptoms caused by the body’s reaction to pregnancy.

Jenny Chajon Pittman HG takes something beautiful and turns it into a nightmare; the only way any woman can endure it is through a tremendous love for her unborn child.

Thais Diaz HG is the most excruciating and irrational time that a pregnant woman can live. Pregnancy is supposes to be all smiles and happiness, with HG; is to learn how to take every day so you and your baby can survive.

Kristy MacDonald a cruel debilitating disease which prevented me from bonding with my babies inside, in case they/I didn’t make it…

Heather Mowel Krumpe HG Is like having the most horrendous, violent food poisoning every single day, over and over; having everybody say to you that nausea is normal during pregnancy, but never understanding how debilitating and severe this condition is; throwing up 20 times a day, severe migraines, dehydration, not being able to work, throwing up just from swallowing your own saliva, feeling like the life is literally being sucked out of you, but continuing to eat to try to nourish the life that you’re growing; feeling so hopeless, knowing that nothing that can be done….. In the end, after 4 months of literal hell and suffering, HG took my sweet baby from me. One sentence cannot sum up the devastation caused by this disease.

Cassie Stevens Like having every illness rolled into one , not havin a single second relief . Wanting someone to put you out your misery . Feels like your dying and quite happy to do so . Then your left with the emotional scars from the whole ordeal . Hyperemesis is not able to be described in one sentence . X x

Eileen Thomas HG is a series of the unknown factors, pic lines, liquid nutrition, tpn, infections at the port site, home nursing care, pharmacy deliveries, I V hydration, zofran, staying in the hospital for weeks at a tie, you can smell everything, vomiting, stomach issues, you just lay there, sadness, anger, frustration, wanting it to stop but you have the will to push through. The sliver lining, the kindness people show you will never be forgotten, ever

Michelle Boissé A relentless, debilitating, mind and body changing living hell of vomit, dehydration, ketones, blood, isolation, fainting, more vomit and fear that sadly is not widely understood by the medical profession or people in general – there is nothing like HG to help you realise who truly loves and cares for you

Rebekah Harmon More than just a lot of throwing up, it can cause permanent physical damage, a lot of suffering, fear, depression and stress for both the pregnant woman and her family.

Darci Drinkwalter HG is feeling like you are dying and no one is able to help you.

Tanya Reid The opposite of what pregnancy should be, instead of glowing and nurturing it is a draining uphill battle.

Shawn Najbaroski Loney I’ve been trying to think of what to say but it’s already been said so well…

Beth Hastings Thornton It feels like mother nature/God is playing a very cruel joke on your pregnancy.

Amber Moody Its like having food poisoning everyday for 9 months!!

Mia Sims I always said it felt like I was being poisoned and that death would be a relief.

Sara Ryan Brown Like life is being sucked out of you.

Holly Marie Kiger Torture

Sharissa Coates A living hell.

Selene Knudson Klausner A heartbreaking betrayal of your body whereby you spend 9 months focused not on the joy of your upcoming motherhood, but instead on simply staying alive.

Gracie Diaz Like your body is trying to rid itself of a parasite that is eating you alive from the inside leaving you wanting to die. I had to keep reminding myself there was a baby in there I needed to be strong and live for.

Catherine Fernando A long dark tunnel with a very bright light at the end!

Teresa Hay Hyperemesis is like a violent stomach ‘flu’ in that nausea and vomiting are constant and so violent you can mess yourself at the same time; however, people don’t treat you like you’re crazy when you have the ‘flu.’

Lori Rousseau Carter It is like being on a death bed, so inconceivably sick, weak and miserable- feels like its never going to end or never feel better…then you finally have this beautiful miracle in your arm’s, you start feeling better and no matter how sick and miserable you were having that baby in your arms makes it all worth it!

Alex Lane Something that has physically an emotionally scarred me for life …

Maurizia Johnson I felt like the crawling dead. I wasn’t able to walk much

Jill Meraz Never ending vomiting which debilitates you to the point of having to be in the hospital on and off for several months at a time.

Rose Woodring Worst case of food poisoning you could ever imagine, so bad that even when you’ve reached a point with the help of medicine that you can keep some things down, you are left weak, frail, exhausted and incredibly frustrated because no one around you can’t and will never understand the full extent of what you are going through, and just how much it sucks out of you both physically and mentally.

Louise Bella The most depressing loneliest 9 months. No one really understands. Very draining on myself and family emotionally and financially. Xx

Regina Hughes-Calvert Nine months of food poisoning that no one around you understands

Renee Collins Pratt HG is an unrelenting, debilitating and agonizing illness that affects a person physically, emotionally and psychologically!

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Katie Durham It’s like having a Norovirus (24 hour sickness bug) for months on end which can get to a point where you’re so poorly you’re considering a termination because there is no other relief!

Katharine Wade Feels like your possessed by something you have no control over cause every move you make, makes you feel 10 times worse!

Stefanie Brice hell on earth; waiting for an end.

Kathryn Koolhoven A life-threatening illness that, untreated and sometimes even treated, causes you to puke if you dare do something as “strenuous” as stand up or sit upright– and the rest of the time causes constant nausea.

Louise Gillespie Torture…battle for survival and new life.

Jada Alexander Nutter HG is literally a physically and emotionally draining condition that lasts for the better part of 9 months; not only does it affect the mother and baby but partners and siblings as well.

Diane Turrell Graf Robs you of the joy of the biggest physical event of your life and changes your views for a lifetime.

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Stephanie O Connor had to tell myself i was not dying which is what i felt quite often. its horrendous beyond words.

Kat Hopwood Like suffering 9mths of horrific food poisoning, while the world says “get over it”

Gemma Jane Spendlove A 9 month battle with your health & sanity to ultimately fight for the safety of your unborn child.

Blythe McDonnell It was the absolute hardest experience of my life (twice) but came with the biggest rewards!

Chichie Abdo A struggle of every second for months

Whitney McKinley It is 244 days of nothing but vomiting, headaches, dehydration scares and pain, with no relief, because there is not a cure.

244days for me. Both of my girls were 5weeks and 4weeks early)

Jule Martinez Practically it is a non ending food poisoning, or for those who had live a war; it resembles to have been in a concentration camp. Emotional, mental and spiritually is like someone raped your soul and that is not turning back; you have a glorious life to support when nothing and no one else can rescue you.

Georgie Cj hell

Angela Sartori Martin The worst stomach flu you’ve ever had times ten, and that lasts for months.

Cayla Lorraine Crabtree Broken down.

Gina Gargano-Amari The endless nausea completely debilitates you, and robs you and your family of the enjoyment of pregnancy.

Kim Jones Depressing,heartbreaking ,hell,pure misery , torture… the list could go on. Would never wish it on anyone not even my worst enemy .

Jackie Cable Creating new life whilst the life is sucked, spewed and depleted from you in every facet of your life as you knew it to be!

Monica Doughty Like having mononucleosis, depression, and a stomach bug for 9 months straight.

Sparanda Birchenall It feels like your body is rejecting your baby over and over again like a severe allergy and the hardest part is you don’t have a choice but to feel like death every moment to bring forth a miraculous life.

Sheri McKee A 40+ week marathon taking daily, often minute-by-minute physical and mental fortitude unimaginable in facing constant nausea, vomiting, physical deterioration combined with feelings of isolation, helplessness, and fear juxtaposed to what should be a joyful time bringing precious life to the world.

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Sage Tuggle Weishaupt Violent food poisoning that will not subside and leaves you weary, exhausted, and delirious and the thought that you may not survive it or hearing suggestions of crackers and ginger ale!

Doreen Witts It made me so nervous to have another baby n has left me with varies problems . no more babies ever again!!!!!

Avelyn Nicol The worse food poisoning for 300 days straight sucking life from your soul with no relief ever 24/7.

Kerry Bloice the worst hell i have ever been through, like being slowly starved to death.

Kami Klis Literally felt like I was dying and alone since no one understood:/

Caroline Ryan hell on earth

Amy Robinson Like i am dying slowly and miserably!

Korlinda Slingerland You would understand how people on chemo feel except that we are rewarded with the greatest reward ever after 9 months!

Jess Eby HG is a terrifying experience that makes you stronger than you’ve ever been before.

Tiffany Boudreau Like some form of torture, a living hell; it makes you feel defeated every single day & isolated- no one understands & there is no relief until the very end..wouldn’t wish those 9 months on my worst enemy.

Melissa Raguet-Schofield Hyperemesis was nausea and vomiting so extreme that it felt like it sucked the life clean out of my bones.

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Elizabeth Renfro My body had not just betrayed me, but actively turned against me and my unborn babies

Pia Wikholm HELL

Heather Marie Makes you feel like death is knocking at your door

Tanya Williams Like a living hell

Michelle Strom Involuntary anorexia and bulimia with the fear of starving your unborn baby!

Tamara Banzet Hansen I felt like I was slowly wasting away, dying.

Danielle Burrows Reed The stomach virus, flu and food poisoning all at once with the added symptom of starvation.

Samantha Ashley Brown A living nightmare that you cant wake up from.

Carol Sisco Smith 9 month stomach virus and supporting a growing life inside you at the same time. Exhausting!!!

Claire Gately Like having a stomach bug for 9 months but more serious

Carly Gordon Like I was DYING.. ..+NO ONE can understand unless they have experienced it

Claire Lee Slowly and painfully dying but not quite getting to the release of death!!

Vivian Gallegos Slow torture.

Lloyd N Rebekah Hoover Living death.

Sheena Chadwick A cruel illness thats stopping me from having the one thing that I most desperatly want.

Julia Johansen Moore Death

Kristina Hight I’m 10 weeks right now and going through HG, it’s debilitating.

Jada Alexander Nutter @Trev Bear Irwen-not sure if you’re trying to be funny or not but let me assure you, HG is absolutely no laughing or joking matter. Frankly, you don’t get that right unless you’ve survived it. And, if you are not joking and truly asking a question. Yes, pregnancy can make you constipated. HG can and will dehydrate and malnourish a woman, making constipation worse.

Lamia Ghoneim Imagine suffering everyday in agony, your body failing and your strength is gone, the simple act of drinking water seems like a lifetime away; but when you look into the eyes of those around you, you find no compassion, only blame; because of course, it’s all in your head, and all you have left are feelings of guilt and despair.

Marcie Ross Vandenbrouck An unforgettable, horrific, depressing, and debilitating experience emotionally, mentally, & physically for you and those around you (which is usually known as such a happy, exciting time) that forever changed all our lives from moment of conception until years later even today. (I was diagnosed with celiac after my second pregnancy and both of my children had and still have issues. I’ve always wondered if any of these problems could be linked or related to my pregnancy and/or meds during that time.)

Annie Stubbs 9 months of physical, emotional, and mental pain all while praying and hoping to actually have the ending of a perfect sweet baby.

Rose Hirschbach Halverson Isolating, debilitating, exhausting and indescribable to anyone who is not in constant contact as a caretaker.

Abra Marie Carnahan I agree with the food poisoning analogy. Hyperemesis Gravidarum is like having severe, unrelenting food poisoning for 9 months. It attacks your mind, body and soul.

Eilidh Macgregor Absolute utter hell on earth.

Jule Martinez HG took away from me the illusion of having more babies!

Samantha Espen Brown Think of having the worse flu of your life now have it for 38 weeks.

Sarah Mohr Hell

Jason-Wren Petrie Like having relentless and violent food poisoning for months and months with no relief.

Bernadette Garcia HG is a sick twist to morning sickness

Sarah Allan relentless; imagine a stomach flu virus that lasts for months

HaroldandBrooke Smith It’s a really frustrating condition that you try to cope with!

Alyssa Martin The most scary, helpless feeling I have ever experienced…

Kimberly Blazen The only thing to have ever brought me to my knees.

Christine Vinson HG was a torturous illness that made just about every moment of my pregnancy an eat, be sick, repeat battle, but at the same time it was a fight that brought me so incredibly close to my unborn son, an amazing bond that 2 1/2 years later is still full of pure love and gratefulness.

Claire Owen Hell on earth-feeling like your slowly being poisoned to death!!

Cassandra Lee Jones It’s like feeling yourself die slowly. -For me I was dying.. I had Severe HG. I tried having a child 7 times, to no avail. I lost every pregnancy

Megan Garrett Simini Like your body is betraying you. Imagine food poisoning 24/7 for 40 weeks.

Tanya Mundy Alone

Florence Deguine-Riaux Hell

Victoria Martorell Perszyk He’ll on earth.

Liz Coombs It’s a living nightmare that makes you puke so much that you lose weight instead of gain it but in the end it’s a dream come true when you see your miracle.

Erin Tiffany Holy crap! I had this and didn’t know it till just now! I lost 30 lbs in my pregnancy and it was the worst EVER. I only have 1 child because the thought of going through it again terrifies me. I wasn’t crazy after all! Thanks Avelyn, wow.

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Suzanne Drapeau HG is much like a hangover– the worst one you’ve ever had, the alcohol poisoning one– but it doesn’t quit, ever.

Keryn Milner HELL.

Rochelle Sparks the worst flu imaginable for 9 mo.

Whitney Kirkland An disabling nightmare that feels like food poisoning and hell on earth to the very end!

Laura Hall Wissing HG left my husband saying “wow this pregnancy is really hard on me” (meaning HIM!!!)

Rachael Stella PS and mine was a mild case!

Jessica Morales It destroyed my life. Yup.

Katherine Stephany Maw It’s like I had the flu, multiplied by 10, day after day after day.

Paola Beyá My body was an isolating vessel of endless illness which is sadly indescribable and hard to speak of in present day as I try to move forward with my beautiful baby.

Heather Hocking It is unrelenting and leaves you with such an overwhelming sense of desperation.

Venessia Marie Holbert Debilitating!

Gayle Langridge A dark tunnel!

True Gualtieri I know what the starving children in africa would feel like on permanent roller coaster nausea.

Marijke Keller A hormonal war inside my body. It feels like being allergic to pregnancy hormones

Rachel Hawthorne Like seemingly endless food poisoning or the world’s worst & longest hangover that you never fully recover from

Margaret Millan Couldn’t put it any better if i tried

Chantal Tari Jessie Never ending sickness that stay with you forever!

Sharon Boyd Food poisoning that never ends.

Melanie Turnbull The worst hangover you’ll ever experience, for 9 solid months.

Gab Ster A life-changing experience

Emily Martin Boland Hell

Kelsie Rough 40 weeks of torcher took me 5 years to get pregnant again

Amy Wheeler Warren It was so bad that when my friend came to visit she said I looked defeated.

Cindy Green It’s like a slow death, that ur own body is torturing u.

Brie Sparks-Goodrich The worst hangover you have ever had, the only difference is it last for months.

Hari Williams There are no words for me to adequately describe the torment and both the physical and mental destruction my body, medical staff, ‘friends’ and those who don’t understand the condition put me through twice!

Dana Mcmullan-curry It feels like you can’t go on but when its over you are blessed with a beautiful baby.

Martha Moreno A 9-month hangover!

Frédérique Lerouvillois Rougier the most painful moment in my life

Jenny Darling Food poisoning for 9 whole months!

Stephanie Jacobo Torture!

Amy Duddy You are always extremely dehydrated while slowly dying of malnutrition and at the same time your emotionally torturing yourself with depressive thoughts of failure as a woman while living in fear at all times of killing your unborn child.

Gail Williams Purgatory

Casey Williams I can second that on Purgatory.

Tahlia Carcarello Like the worst gastro, unrelenting week after week until you are torn between overwhelming nausea and non stop vomiting, and painful hunger and thirst every minute of every day. It’s hard to explain, harder to understand and hardest to get proper support so very isolating in the thick of it.

Meg Disher Tahlia you summed it up perfectly! …. It does not even compare to “morning sickness” on any level… It’s also quite frightening at times wandering how you will make it through one more hour let alone day….

Jacintha Murphy Pregnancy is a time for me when I must summon all the strength and will power I have to persevere through what seems like endless days and nights of unrelenting nausea, vomiting and come to terms with my body’s inability to pursue life’s most simple tasks on a day to day basis.

ReihanaCherie Kingi It feels like you are dying a slow cruel death.

Rebecca Dean Chronic, debilitating, and extremely traumatic illness induced by pregnancy which puts both mothers and babies life in jeopardy and which at present has very few beneficial treatments and is not recognised or understood by majority of the population

Zoe Simms Now just a speck of a life,

Death is upon me.

Like a collapsible toy,

My legs fold beneath me.

I drop down into the hands of fate,

Body burning, bones ache.

I beg that someone hears me cry,

“Help me, I’m starving to death.”

Roberta Della Rocca Paraha I didn’t go true didn’t even know about it and I had 3 kids , but my baby girl did , didn’t see her true her pregnancy cos every time I wanted to she was sick , so yes women of the world need to know about it ,research needs to come up with something for the women who have to go true it , having a baby is the most beautiful experience of your life you should be looking forward to it not dreading it , please help in any way , please share .

Anna Edwards Misery

Melinda Van Der Mast HG is Soul destroying unrelenting nausea and vomiting as you lay there starving to death when nothing helps and most people don’t believe there is anything wrong with you and you should just get up and do things.

Jessica Stockdale Unless you have been through it people just don’t understand. I had this with all three of my pregnancies my last one was the worst when I was carrying twins yes it was twice as bad plus I had to deal with my other two children I would wish it on my worst enemy!

Renee Powell What stood out for me was going to the ER and being asked how many times I had vomited that day … who could count? I was just rolling over every few minutes and letting black acidic bile dribble into the bucket. HG is relentless vomiting – you can’t swallow your own saliva let alone toast and tea – and I dreaded another day let alone the months until I would get to hold my girls.

Krista Wallis A dark, chilling place where your heart and mind are destroyed and your will tested as you fight the losing battle and beg for your heart, and that of your precious unborn child to keep beating despite all odds.

Michelle Fletcher Suffering from seasickness and gastro for 9 months on a leaky boat wondering if it is going to sink, while you keep another entity incapable of caring for themselves alive and hope someone will believe you really need help.

Jackie Cavaiani Torture

Liberty Rose Elgart-Fail Hyperemesis is an uncommon yet devastating, potentially fatal wasting illness, inconsistently responding to treatment, that strips a mother and potentially her unborn child of all nutritition as she is forced by the illness to constantly gag unstoppably as it runs anywhere from several weeks to a 9 month course.

Lacy LaMae Scheuermann Fenn HG is life changing, life threatening, a complete fight to save a Mother and child’s life to the very end. It’s 9mths where a woman comes as close to death as you can get and suffer to the end!

Atoshi Sarangi HG is a genetic disorder in which a pregnant woman vomits incontrollably for the entire pregnancy, and sometimes afterwards with re-percussion of hallucinations, danger to unborn child and mother, also resulting in social and life changing situations like losing of job, family life stagnated, older kid totally ignored as the dad has to work to keep the family income coming, and his wife and unborn child alive.

Stacey Francisco Sykes I’ll use one word: hell.

Sabrina Fitzgerald-Ruiz HG feels like your dying inside and it’s infuriating that everyone treats you like your exaggerating, while comparing it to normal pregnancy morning sickness.

Kirsty Pollintine I’d go with the one word Hell

Sueraya Saleem I totally agree with Sabrina, I said to someone I haven’t got normal pregnancy sickness I have hyperemesis they said back to me well its the same thing !!!!!! Grrrr

Heather Sarah Devries Absolute hell is definitely the right word. Every day is a fight. No one can ever really understand what an true HG sufferer goes through unless they go through it themselves.

Kristine Spencer It’s the 7th circle of nausea hell, which is agonizing to the extent that you beg your body to go into labor, because the pain of labor is far less miserable. To add insult to injury, nobody gets it unless they went through i

Nella Gibson Something I NEVER want to experience again

Heather Tandy Farris I thought I was going to die.